The Continuum of Jihad


From the time Islam’s prophet Mohammad went on hijra from Mecca to Medina (Saudi Arabia) in 622 AD, Islam has been at war with the entire non-muslim world.

The perpetrators of 9/11 told us they did what they did because it is a command from Islam’s god Allah to do so. Every Islamic “terrorist” in history sites authoritative Islamic doctrine – Allah’s divine law/sharia – in furtherance of their actions. From the Fort Hood shooter to the Boston Marathon Bombing to San Bernardino to Orlando to Seattle to Little Rock to…..

They all say they are muslims waging jihad for the sake of Allah to establish a global Islamic State under sharia.

There is no Islamic school on the planet which teaches JIHAD is NOT one of the 3 duties of all muslims, nor is there and Islamic school on the planet which teaches all human beings are equal. Islam teaches that non-muslims are the “worst of all creatures” and, therefore, must convert to Islam or be killed. The exception to this are Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians who have the option to submit to Islamic law and pay the non-muslim poll tax.

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