June 2019, a team of people invited Dave Gaubatz to their community to get his assessment of the mosques (3) that are around the Savannah, Georgia area.  Why did this team decide to do it?  Who is Dave Gaubatz?  And, what was the final assessment?   Here are all the answers along with the threats and intimidation’s the team received for standing against the “Influence Operation” that has been taking place in Savannah and across America.

What is an “Influence Operation”?  Here’s a good example of how one is played out.  Read and watch here. The perpetrators of the “Influence” lie to the media, then behind closed doors work the “Influence” quite the opposite of what was told to the media.  Yet the media never researches any deeper to get the facts.  Never updates the story with factual reporting.  The original “Influence” remains the  final outcome.

The team asked Dave Gaubatz for his help to know whether their community was in danger from what was being taught inside the 3 local mosques.  The final assessment was quite revealing.  (See the full Report Here)

To answer the questions posed here:


This answer is quite basic for those who understand the threat of Islamic indoctrination, see the “Influence” happening within their schools, churches, and elected officials, and see the Red-Green alliance happening across America.  For those who don’t know… here are a few reasons to understand the threat:   

  • When the Turkish President makes this statement and no one in America worries, then it is time for the grassroots activists to stand and do their homework!  Here is the quote:

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…” ―Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (referenced here)

Where have you ever heard that a church or synagogue is considered a “barracks”?  What happens inside mosques to enable it to be used as a “barracks”?    Barracks refers to military housing, not places of worship!     Does that make you stop and think?

  • When a Pennsylvania Islamic Center (aka mosque) is recently reported to be training the children to kill the non-muslims in a play songfest setting, this is pure child abuse and indoctrination to instill hatred and promote violence. The children should be removed from this environment! (See here)
  • When a Michigan mosque leader tells his members that “wife beating” is a way to remind a woman she “misbehaved”, this is plain and simple spousal abuse and the husband should be arrested! (See here)
  • When a Texas imam is accused of sexual misconduct with an underage girl and the Quran provides approval for him to do that, while also encouraging polygamy, the community needs to know to protect the children, and also to alert the authorities of possible child marriages and child sexual abuse. (See here)  
  • When Friday prayers in mosques are a continual promotion and indoctrination to hate non-Muslims, especially Jews and Christians, mosques should be shut down for inciting violence against the community. As stated here:

Friday prayers also include recitation of Koranic chapters 62 and 63 where Jews who reject Allah’s commandments in the Torah are loathed and compared to “the 
likeness of a donkey carrying books but understands them not.” Jews are told to “long for death” if they pretend to be Allah’s favorite.  Nonbelievers are condemned to a state of terror until Mohammed is sent by Allah to purify them “from the filth of disbelief and polytheism” with his verses or revelations from Allah.  “Hypocrites” or apostates from Islam are considered enemies, “so beware of them, may Allah destroy them!”. 

  • When the Islamic Center (mosque) and CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) prepare indoctrination and lying events to influence the community to believe they are just a “religion”, this is Civilization Jihad in its finest form! I have first-hand knowledge of this happening  at the Islamic Center of Savannah (ICS). 

CAIR has been engaged with mosques, especially the “Visit a Mosque Day” events for many years.  CAIR was found in a federal court case called The  Holyland Foundation trial in 2008 to be an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror financing trial in U.S. history.  CAIR is essentially doing business for Hamas and Hamas was designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization in 1997.

CAIR is Identified by the FBI as part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s  mission is to destroy America from within based on their own document (Explanatory Memorandum On The General Strategic Goal For The Group In North America) found in the sub-basement in a 2004 arrest of Ismail Selim Elbarasse, in Virginia.

  • When a NY Imam actively plays the interfaith card for “peace and love”, then spreads Jihad on the side, that’s why the Turkish President stated this: “mosques are our barracks”.  See here.
  • When you read Quran Verse 9:5, and it states:

“So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them.” 

So the only way to NOT be killed is to pay the “poor rate” (Jizya) or convert.  This is what they learn in mosques!  THIS IS AGAINST THE U.S. CONSTITUTION and should NOT be happening in America!

“Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people.”

Humiliating and hurting non-believers not only has the blessing of Allah, but it is ordered as a means of carrying out his punishment and even “heals” the hearts of Muslims. 

Again, this is what they learn in mosques across America!


Directly from his report, in Dave’s own words, with great detail as to his qualifications for being able to assess the mosque and report his findings.  His credentials are impeccable!  I want to offer just 10 areas of his qualifications with highlights added.  The full list of his credentials can be found here:

  1. “Background:  I was a S. Federal Agent with a Top Secret/SCI clearance for approx.. 15.5 years.  This was during the time 1988 – 2003.
  2. “After the attack on our country, 11 Sep 2001, I was assigned to the Foreign Service Institute (U.S. State Dept./Arlington, Va.  My duties were to train full time in Arabic and counter-terrorism issues.  The Arabic language course was one year.  During this time period I was sent to Jordan for a three-week immersion program to better understand the Arabic language, the culture, and Islam.
  3. “Since returning from Iraq in 2003, I have trained over 3000 U.S. law enforcement officers in Arabic and counter-terrorism involving Islamic terrorist groups and their supporters.
  4. “I have discussed Islamic issues with over 600 Imams and Islamic leaders.
  5. “I have listened to over 2000 hours of lectures by Islamic scholars/leaders that have been trained.
  6. “I have read over 5500 different publications, books, and brochures by Islamic scholars.
  7. “I have personally conducted first hand research at over 300 Islamic Centers/Mosques in America and over 100 outside of America. The research has included speaking with the leaders, worshippers, and reviewing the materials they use to educate their worshippers (men, women, and children.
  8. “I have received numerous S. Government awards pertaining to my work in protecting our country, our technology, and U.S. Armed Forces personnel.
  9. “I have written two books. 1:  Arabic for Law Enforcement and Military 2: Muslim Mafia
  10. At the direction of a former Under Secretary of Defense for President Ronald Reagan I placed 5 undercover researchers inside a Muslim Brotherhood organization (CAIR) operating inside America.  The result was uncovering over 12,000 documents and 300 hours of audio/video relating to criminal terrorism against America.”



This is where I call… COMMUNITY ALERT!   DANGER AHEAD!  The community of Savannah has been alerted, but I’m afraid the Influence Operation has overpowered the leaders and shutdown any factual reporting by the local media.  Sadly, but more importantly, the danger and potential threats are being ignored! 

All 3 mosques are dangerous to some degree.  The time it took to assess was limited, so the Islamic Center of Savannah was the only mosque where attendance inside was able to be observed.  HOWEVER, discussions with people surrounding each of the 3 mosques, was very enlightening.   The final assessment is that the Islamic Center of Savannah (ICS) is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, the other 2 are DANGEROUS

The final report can be found here.

What was the response to the report?  This is where it gets very interesting!

  • The local media was alerted and immediately took the story to the mosques. They didn’t do their homework or even ask for responses from Dave or anyone on the team until AFTER they filed their stories. 
  • Only AFTER their stories played out on the local TV stations did they try to reach out to anyone involved in the research and investigation. And no follow-up report was made.  The media was not interested in addressing the dangers or researching deeper on the data reported!
  • The media AND the mosque leadership NEVER ONCE disputed the details given in the report. They ONLY played down the “Extremely Dangerous” designation and accused the team of lying, accused the team of being dangerous.
  • The local and state media gave voice to the mosque leadership, imam, and CAIR, but NOT Dave Gaubatz or anyone who took part in the research to report the facts.
  • CAIR-GA joined in the attack against the team by posting their own article and placing a target on the team for every Jihadi who will do evil, intimidating and threatening arrests. They even shared it across other CAIR networks and international Jihadi network locations.  WHERE IS THE FBI IN STANDING AGAINST THIS THREAT TO THE RESEARCH TEAM?  WHY DIDN’T THE FBI/GBI CONTACT THE TEAM TO INFORM THEM THEIR SAFETY WAS IN DANGER?

CAIR Dallas and an international news agency in Tehran, Iran (International Quran News Agency) also placed the same target as CAIR GA did against the team.   The FBI or GBI never once contacted anyone on the team to ask if they felt threatened by this obvious scare tactic!   Intimidation against the facts is what CAIR does best!

  • AGAIN… nothing in the factually laid out report was refuted, denied, or defined as wrong, incorrect, or unverifiable. They ONLY attacked the team doing the research.  They accused the team of attending a Friday Jummah Prayers and lying about who they were.   

  Dave Gaubatz uses his real name when attending a mosque.  He was never asked if he was Muslim.  Dave understands Arabic, reads and speaks it.  He knows all that is required of Muslims during Jummah Prayers, so he “played along” and no one questioned him.  

  • The mosque leadership and imam threatened to have the team arrested by the local police should they be spotted trying to attend any mosque again… BUT WAIT, they are still stating in the local media interviews, they are “Welcoming” to the community… WHAT A FARCE! AND DANGEROUS, TOO!
  • The mosque leadership and imam attempted to intimidate the team by stating to the media that the FBI/GBI was being contacted to investigate and greater security was being implemented.

  A team attended a mosque on Friday for Jummah Prayers and the FBI/GBI is called in to investigate? Nothing was taken, no one was attacked, no disruption of service, nothing happened while the research team was inside.  The team left without incident.  Why would the FBI/GBI be asked to investigate?   Is there an “Influence Operation” within the agency that should concern every American? 

FINAL THOUGHTS… (please read this carefully… probably the most important  section)

  • The report completed by Dave Gaubatz is factual and NOT disputed by CAIR or the Mosques.
  • Dave Gaubatz has a full complement of credentials to complete such investigations and report his findings. He is a great resource for any community to understand the threat of Islamic invasion by researching mosques.  We highly recommend you contact Dave to come to your area.
  • The mosques in the Savannah area have NOT changed, just continued to state its “Influence Operation” to the local media and community. And the “Influence” is growing!  The  media is lost!
  • The local and state media has joined with CAIR and the mosques against any factual documentation and reporting. FACTS DON’T MATTER!
  • CAIR GA will continue to influence and over power the community as it has been doing for a very long time and with threats of lawfare if you do NOT comply with their demands. We have seen it across Georgia!  It MUST STOP!



  • DO NOT let your local mosque take your community under control.
  • Read and follow the organizations that will educate you on the FACTS! So many are out there.  The United West, Understanding the Threat, Center for Security Policy, Political Islam, Counter Jihad Coalition, Jamie Glazov, Jihad Watch, and so many more.
  • WAKE UP your community to the Islamic Sharia threat, its doctrine, its hijrah (To emigrate in the cause of Allah – that is, to move to a new land in order to bring Islam there, is considered in Islam to be a highly meritorious act.) to take over YOUR way of life, while promoting Sharia!
  • Do your homework on who is attending, who is on the board, what events are being held, their tax standing, property records, and keep monitoring these at all times.
  • Attend CAIR, tri-faith(interfaith), or local mosque events when you can and ask questions to stir the community to listen.
  • Contact your local Conservative Talk Show host and ask them to interview some courageous national security individuals – Tom Trento, John Guandolo, Clare Lopez, David Bores, Philip Haney, and others.
  • Talk to your priests, pastors, or rabbi’s about the threat advancing around you and how it is advancing and where.
  • Attend your local School Boards, City Councils, or community events to ensure you know what is being built or changed in your area.
  • Build a coalition in your community to stand firm on the U.S. and state Constitutions.
  • Read, read, and read more again. Start with the smaller books offered on Center for Security Policy that lay out all the facts across so many areas and many are available in PDF at no cost.  (See here)  One specific one is:  CAIR is Hamas
  • Contact  We can  offer training and resources to assist.
  • Contact Dave Gaubatz to come to your community and investigate your local mosques: