Enemies Within Series: Clare Lopez – 9/11 Islamists Exposed and Anarchy/Chaos in 2020


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents – Clare Lopez, V.P. for Research & Analysis at Center for Security Policy

9/11/2019 – 18 yrs later, what do we know? Clare will share new details where Iran and the Saudi’s worked hand-in-hand to mastermind and plan the attack. Details that are only now coming out on what occurred just after America was attacked by Islam. She will help us understand why Islam has been allowed to flourish in the west and what we can do to stand against the threats. America is watching.

Also, Clare shares with us her research and incite of what is being planned to inflict chaos during the 2020 election, where it’s coming from, and who is funding it.

Clare’s referenced material discussed:

NEW REPORT: Re-Remembering the Mis-Remembered Left: The Left’s Strategy and Tactics To Transform America©
By Stephen Coughlin and Richard Higgins
February 2019, UPDATED: July 2019 article
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Jew-hatred, also described as antisemitism, is becoming mainstream in America.

Action Items:

  • Accept personal responsibility to speak truth about Islam & communism – the Red-Green-Axis – & confront/oppose expressions of hatred for our Republic, its founding principles & the Jewish people/Israel whenever/wherever we can
  • Embrace & support the State of Israel: “Israel, the Jewish people’s homeland, may not be perfect, but it’s where our traditions, history, heritage and courage originated from, and it is dedicated to safeguarding the Jewish people around the world”
  • Remember, we Americans are of Athens, Rome & Jerusalem
  • Milstein encourages American Jews to stand up more resolutely for themselves
  • Seek allies across American society: Jew-hatred does not stop w/the Jews
  • Stopantisemitism.org – monitors Jew-hatred on digital & social media
  • Search  out and join #JEXIT groups in your area for support and educational resources to talk to your Jewish  friends and/or family (search FB and other social media for links to groups formed &/or forming)
  • Contact/Know your local law enforcement.  They will be on the front lines.  Talk with them about training to understand the Marxist/Islamist plans.  There are many counter-terrorism groups offering training, Sharia Crime Stoppers offers it for free with  ONLY travel expenses required.

        Prepare for the Storm to Come

  •  Understand that there is nothing we can do to stop the coming anarchy & chaos – but we can prepare for it, get ready to defend ourselves against it, help others among family, friends, civic groups, faith communities, local elected officials & law enforcement to be aware of what’s coming
  • Speak up in these various arenas to warn & also to express support for civil society
  • Make sure young people among family, friends, etc. are not being swept up by their environment (friends, school, on the street or social media)
  • Get out to register to vote, attend whatever candidate events you can, be active & involved online, promote/support good candidates for office at every level
  • Strategic Level: we must begin to think & act strategically
  • By understanding the overall composition, objectives, intent, motivation & capabilities of the Red-Green Axis, we can begin to develop an overall strategic plan that includes every level: strategic, operational, tactical
  • While preparing for the violence, understand the main line of effort is always the non-violent – the subversive, whether hard left or Islamic Movement

Please share this with your community and stand up for America and the U.S. Constitution!