Sharia Crime Stoppers Special 9/11 Event- BANNED IN MI – Shahram Hadian & James Simpson


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents: Pastor Shahram Hadian and James Simpson

A team of Patriots in MI, worried about their community, organized a 2 day speaking event starting on Wednesday, 9/11/2019, at a Baptist Church in Bloomfield Hills, MI. The Pastor was supportive of the event on 9/11, was ready to welcome the guest speakers to his church. Then the Elders got pushback and threats from CAIR, the press (national & local), and MI Representatives and Congressional Reps. The push was so great, the Elders caved, submitted to Islam, and forced the cancellation of the event. The presiding Pastor was devastated by this decision and did NOT support it. He was and is a courageous man of God! We are proud to call him friend!

Sharia Crime Stoppers and The United West jumped into action, created a webinar and promoted a live on-line event for the 2 speakers to share their presentations and speak to not only the MI community but anyone who wanted to attend from across America, Canada, and the world.

This was a successful webinar, attendance was high, and all attendees were so grateful to still get to hear these 2 speakers  deliver their message.

This webinar was the highest attendance and will now be heard by so many more because it is recorded and can be shared.  The Marxist/Islamist’s thought they “sealed the deal” by shutting down the onsite event at the church… but the 2 speakers were able to reach hundreds to thousands, so many more than would have been able to drive there and be present in the pews.  THEY  LOST!  WE WON!

Sharia Crime Stoppers is so thankful for Shahram and Jim’s time to NOT let the Marxist/Islamist win! We stood against the cancellation and can now stand for America!

Where or when will other Pastors, Priests, or Rabbi’s take a stand for their faith, for biblical principles, for their God and country?  So many have forgotten their history and what our Founding Fathers did that gave us the freedom and liberties we so often take for granted.  The Pastor from that Bloomfield Hills church did NOT forget… he stood strong and resisted the demands to cancel, to submit to Islam, but his hand was overridden.  What a brave man of God!   We stand with  this Pastor now and always.

Thank you to all the attendees and people who helped get the quick responses needed and attendance at an all time high.

PLEASE SHARE THIS TO YOUR COMMUNITIES… IT IS A CRITICAL STAND!  More religious leaders MUST take a stand and soon!  America is in danger!

Where would your church  stand?  What would your Pastor, Priest or Rabbi do?  Do you know your church’s response to the Tri-Faith threats?   You need to know these answers.  Pastor Hadian has provided some guidance on his website:  The Truth in Love Project

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