Enemies Within Series: Shahram Hadian-Islam’s Assault on the Constitution


Sharia Crime Stoppers PresentsShahram Hadian on Constitution Day, 9/17/2019 – Islam’s Assault on the Constitution, Part 1!

Shahram has defined how Sharia is against the Constitution in a 3 part video series, located on The United West’s – Resources and Training page, located here: https://www.theunitedwest.org/resources/

Also, available in a single DVD on Shahram’s website located here: https://www.tilproject.com/islams-ass…

We highly recommend getting Shahram’s DVD’s and/or Youtube video’s and sending to everyone of your representatives from local School Boards, to State Reps & Senators, to Congressional representatives. Shahram is so detailed in describing the Constitution and Sharia from the Quran, Reliance of the Traveller and Hadiths to PROVE Sharia is antithetical to the U.S. Constitution… there is NO debate. The problem we have is convincing those running for office and those currently holding seats that Sharia is a threat to America and the west.

Please share this video and help us educate your family, your community, your church, your leaders… time is now!

We are under assault and the west is afraid to admit it!

Action Steps YOU Can Take:

  1. Convince yourself that the Constitution is in jeopardy and specifically if Donald Trump is NOT the President in 20201
  2. Dedicate  yourself to participate as a proactive member of the ONE TEAM theat MUST win the 2020 FIGHT for the CONSTITUTION!
  3. Hold educational sessions in your home for family & community (include Pastors/Rabbi’s when possible) to watch this video or Pastor Hadian’s 3 YT video series.
  4. Order as many as you can  of Pastor Hadian’s DVD’s and distribute them to your local School Boards, City Council’s, Church’s & Synagogues.
  5. Scheduled discussions with your state & federal representatives… they need to hear the comparisons of the Quran vs. the Constitution
  6. Spread the word that we are FREE and every Tuesday night.