Enemies Within Series: Alex Newman-Saving Our Freedoms by Rescuing Our Children


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents – Alex Newman, discusses: Saving Our Freedoms by Rescuing Our Children

Alex Newman tells us how bad it is for children in the Public/Government run schools. Tells us the history of where it started and all the Presidents and Congressional members that have stood with the United Nations to indoctrinate and remove parental rights, for the “One World Government” takeover.

You can find more from Alex here: https://www.freedomproject.com/the-newman-report

This video should be shared with your candidates, elected officials, school boards, church, and community. It is an important message that YOUR CHILDREN are in DANGER! We are under assault and the west is afraid to admit it! They are indoctrinating our children… take your children OUT of government schools NOW!

Think how our children, your family, your community will be impacted and changed if Donald Trump is NOT re-elected in 2020!  We are in a war for our Freedoms and our Family!  The Socialist/Marxists agenda will destroy Home Schooling and Parental rights and side with The United Nations.   

Make America THINK Again!

Action Items:

  • Consider removing your children from the government run public schools and Home School them.  Take all steps necessary!  You are losing your children!  Do the research to find a reliable, non-government, Constitutionally framed school.
  • DO NOT USE THE EXCUSE: “I can’t afford to Home School”… You CAN NOT afford to LOSE YOUR CHILDREN!  Make the decision that your children are most important. 
  • Contact your School Board to get details of lesson plans, and books that are in your schools.  Be VERY engaged with teachers and your School Board to let them know YOU are watching.
  • Share this video with other parents in your community to get their commitment to do the same!
  • Contact your church/synagogue leaders to watch this video, others by Alex Newman who lays out all the facts of where we have come and the current conditions your children are under.
  • Contact your church leaders to ask if they could offer a stipend to support your child in a Christian or private school you have vetted.
  • Contact your Mayor/City Councils in regard to what is happening in YOUR libraries with the children’s reading events.  Take a stand against the trash that is being forced in many libraries with Drag Queen Story Hour.
  • Consider Alex Newman’s Freedom Project Academy located here: https://www.fpeusa.org/


Alex also writes for The New American, can be found here: https://www.thenewamerican.com/

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