Enemies Within Series: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff – The Truth Is No Defense


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents  Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Convicted For Denigrating a Legally Defined Religion in Austria.

Elisabeth tells us how speaking the truth about Islam, specifically about Muhammad caused her to be in court for 10+ years, fighting for the truth, fighting for Austria, fighting for her family.  The Austrian judge took on  the role of Prosecutor and added charges half way through the court case.  The Prosecutor pretty much sat back and watched it play out.   

She was NOT convicted on “Hate Speech” even though the SPLC and other liberal media sources have printed that lie.   But, lies are what they do best!

Elisabeth presented facts in a 12 hour training session that she was asked to give, where she simply asked, what would you call a 50+ yr old man having sex with a 9 yr old girl, if not Pedophilia?     That was the defining moment when a liberal journalist was in the room and took it to the media.  

We, at The United West & Sharia Crime Stoppers agree with Elisabeth… that is the definition of Pedophilia!  No question about it!

Here is a link to when the trial started, that may give a little insight into the court case and how it went.  Located on Gates of Vienna, dated November 23, 2010

Elisabeth has lived in at least 4 different  Muslim nations (Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Libya) as the daughter of an Austrian diplomat, but also in positions she held with the Austrian Embassy.  She is and has been very specific to speak against Islam, not Muslims.  We have the belief that they are the first casualty of a sick system of beliefs.  We at The United West and Sharia Crime Stoppers are also very specific in educating our friends on the dangers of Sharia Islamic practices being promoted by the Red-Green Alliance and Muslim Brotherhood.

Please get Elisabeth’s book:  The Truth Is No Defense    It is released on Amazon.   As she tells us in our video and in her book, Europe is done!  What happens in Europe will spill over to America… it’s not debatable, but a fact!   We know that Canada is “teetering” and it’s 2019 election October 21st will be a defining moment for them and America.

Watch for Elisabeth and Katie Hopkins to come to a city near you between now and the 2020 U.S. Elections.  They are touring America in support of President Trump’s re-election, calling it :  Katie & the Wolff     What a dynamic duo!!  

Please share Elisabeth’s story and let everyone know America is on the brink of becoming Europe!  #MakeAmericaTHINKAgain


  • Watch and Learn via vetted documents and resources – not blogs, not opinions. 
  • Know your community, know your schools – what is being taught, who is being placed in your community?  Is your Mayor/City Council pushing for “Sanctuary City” against Federal Law?
  • Talk to your friends and family.  It will be up to you to – Make America THINK Again!