CAIRH Follow-Up To Our Boston Herald Ad: Print & Present The Ad To Your Rabbis & Jewish Community Leaders & Demand Action To Combat Islamic Antisemitism!


Source: (Council Against Islamic Religious Hatred), October 5, 2019

In follow-up to our Boston Herald ad, yesterday, Friday October 4, 2019.

We are encouraging individuals to print out the high quality pdf “tear page” of the ad (attached/ embedded) to present to their Rabbis & Jewish community leaders & ask them if they are familiar with these ADL data, understand how disproportionate the problem of Muslim Jew-hatred is, and, regardless, what they are doing or plan to do about the problem.

Our Mission Statement offers some practical guidelines:

“We believe the alarming phenomenon of Muslim Antisemitism can only be addressed, forthrightly, by: quantifying its unique scale; identifying its rootedness in mainstream, authoritative Islam; and demanding institutional Islam begin true mea culpa-based elimination of Islam’s core Antisemitic theology, akin to The Catholic Church’s Vatican II/Nostre Aetate process.”

In the Post-WWII era some Rabbis finally spoke up about Christian Antisemitism and worked with willing Catholics to move The Church toward what became the very noble Vatican II/Nostre Aetate Reforms which abrogated The Deicide allegation, formally, and actually changed the liturgy and teaching about The Church’s relationship to the Jews and Judaism. At present, ossified in its Medieval fortress, mainstream institutional Islam appears light years from such mea-culpa, but will only inch in that direction if the victims—Jews—start demanding such reforms from these authoritative Muslim religious teaching institutions. Tragically, we, CAIRH, as of this moment, are the only ones making such a demand of institutional Islam.

Link to downloadable pdf of full-page ad, below:

BostonHerald_20191004_A15 Tear Sheet

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