DR. KIRK ELLIOTT, presents, CAPITALISM V. SOCIALISM AND THE 2020 ELECTION, at the Sarasota, FL., America the Truth Conference, September 21, 2019. https://americastruths.com/home

Kirk Elliott is an economist, financial advisor, entrepreneur, CEO and wealth manager of Sovereign Advisors, and author. He has a doctorate degree in Theology and a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration and an expert on Silver and Gold investment.

Elliott’s website is: http://kirkelliottphd.com

The 2020 election will determine whether America continues to be a Republic or changes into a Socialist nation, controlled by the elite of the Democratic party. No longer will the Constitution be the basis of our freedom and the Bill of Rights will be modified to fit the desires of the ruling class. Social morals, gender identity, the value of life, marriage, etc. will be redefined and Christianity will be either discouraged or outlawed. Laws will also be changed to strengthen the power of the ruling class who will then maintain tight control over the people who will follow without a choice.

Today the Democrat Party has openly admitted that they want to move toward a socialist government, but remember that history has shown that socialism is just an intermediate to communism, a totalitarian form of government. Their ultimate goal is to make America a communist state where the elite class will decide what you can do and believe, both morally and spiritually. Can this really happen? Consider that this nation was based on Christian principles, yet the Democrat Party has obviously abandoned the sanctity of marriage, redefined gender, approved very late-term abortion, encouraged violence/hate against those with different opinions, and prevented the teachings of Christian beliefs in schools. This latter effort is particularly detrimental to our society in light of the fact that students who have revealed their Christian belief have been suspended or punished, while Islam is taught. Islam is incompatible with Christianity and our justice system. Is that important for you and your grandchildren? Will you be satisfied when our legal systems morph into Sharia law? Will you be willing to convert to Islam? Will you be happy when the government can tell you when you and/or your children are no longer useful to society?

THINK ABOUT IT.  #MakeAmericaTHINKAgain!