Impeachment Is The Paradox of Liberty


In their relentless attempt to impeach Trump as ‘unfit for office,’ the majority Democratic party are really attempting to impeach:

1) Every one of the nearly 63 million people who voted for him,
2) Anyone who ever worked in the Trump Administration,*
3) Every policy that President Trump has ever implemented,
4) Every person who ever benefited from even one of President Trump’s policies,
5) Anyone who ever publicly supported even one of President Trump’s policies,
6) Anyone who is working now, who wasn’t working before President Trump was elected
7) Anyone who is no longer on food stamps, but was before President Trump was elected
8) Anyone in any of several ethnic groups who is better off now than they were before,
*This has already happened; how many times have Swamp Creatures forced people out of the Trump Administration?

In other words, ‘They’ are attempting to impeach nearly all of us.

Say what?

If ‘they’ were to actually be successful, then somewhere around 70+% of the entire population of America would suddenly become default ‘enemies of the state’ (i.e., ‘political enemies’ of the Progressive Democratic Party).

And, their attitude toward that 70+% who opposed Trump’s impeachment (in whatever form, and for whatever reason) would be: ‘How many ways can we punish you for your political crime(s), and how long will your punishment(s) last?’


Do ‘they’ have the constitutional option to impeach President Trump (or any President)?
Absolutely, Yes, ‘they’ have the right to do it.
In fact (ironically), without the impeachment option, we wouldn’t really be in full control of our own government.

And, here’s another irony – Can this option be abused?
Yes, it certainly can be abused…as we’re seeing now, when a dictatorial political party is attempting to impose their political agenda on 70+% of the rest of the country.

So…if this option can be abused, then what is the antidote to such abuse?
The antidote is the American public, who also have a constitutional option – to participate in the defense of their own endowed liberties.

That is why impeachment is the paradox of liberty –
A constitutional option that is designed to protect us from tyranny, can also be used to impose tyranny…unless the American people are willing to stand up for the defense of their own endowed liberties.


Philip B. Haney