Enemies Within Series: David Bores – Islamic Indoctrination in Schools


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents: David Bores, Ret. Police Chief and Co-Founder of Sharia Crime Stoppers, Defining the Threat of Islamic Indoctrination in Schools

David tells us about the indoctrination in higher education across many college and universities. Islamic indoctrination from the Muslim Student Association to numerous other organizations to promote Islam. The indoctrination without the ability to question the instructor and without validation of the facts.

David also tells us about how bad it is in primary and secondary education as well. With a recent case where a Christian girl was threatened with a failing grade if she did NOT write the Shahada. The Thomas More Law Center took the case on and it was put on the Supreme Court docket with it refused to be heard. We asked… does that mean if Islam is a requirement in schools, shouldn’t that open the path for Christianity and Jewish teaching to also be taught in public schools? Our guess is probably not. Islam demands are being accepted and complied with across numerous schools.

When will America stand up for faith… and stop the indoctrination of a single faith … Islam?  #StopIndoctrinatingOurChildren #StandForAmerica

Action Steps:

  • Monitor your children’s homework, their field trips, their textbooks.  Even if textbooks are online or not allowed to be brought home.
  • Get involved with your school board, they can be challenged and possibly a resource when you need to question an assignment or activity.
  • Research and confirm the college or university your child selects are NOT being taken in by Saudi or Qatar funded programs.
  • Join a textbook review program that is offered by Truth in Textbooks: https://truthintexastextbooks.com/contact-us/
  • Check websites to see what funding is being given to your college or university.  Here’s a resource David offers in his talk from Clarion Intelligence Network – https://www.meforum.org/campus-watch/59321/clarion-exclusive-report-foreign-influence-ops-on
  • Consider Home Schooling, at whatever the cost.  Your child MUST be your focus so they are NOT one of the “robot” following the Socialist/Marxist agenda.
  • Consider what your options will be if President Trump is NOT re-elected!  The choices will be a stark difference and many suggested Action Steps here will NOT be available.