Counter-terrorism Survey… YOUR INPUT IS NEEDED!


Researchers include J.M. Phelps, Philip B. Haney, and Animesh Roul.  They need your help to gather information and are asking you to complete 2 short surveys that do NOT ask for name or email address, just your knowledge of the  subjects defined in the surveys.


Two surveys have been developed to gain valuable insight on a pair of topics, which will be used to help inform and equip counterterrorism experts, intelligence agencies, and policy makers around the world.

One topic addresses the Deobandi-linked madrassas and terrorists associated with the Indian subcontinent and beyond. A second topic will gather information about the topic of cyberterrorism. One does not have to be a counter-terrorism expert or professional to complete the surveys.

Each 10-question survey is voluntary. Each requires about three to four minutes to complete, and responses will be used for information gathering purposes only. The data collected will be used for publication at a future date. Identifying information such as name, email address or IP address is NEVER shared, sold, or collected for anything other than the answers included in these surveys.  

Sharing the surveys with friends and colleagues is greatly encouraged.

The 2 Survey’s are identified below:

Deoband Survey

Cyberterrorism Survey

Also can be accessed directly from Lantern of Liberty website here.

Thank you for your participation!