Minnesota – Dangerous Times as the AG (Keith Ellison) Heads a Panel Discussion About “Hate Crimes” and Islamaphobia!


The Minnesota Attorney General (former Congressman) Keith Ellison is headlining a panel to determine “hate crimes” and “Islamaphobia” when his job is now to enforce current law, state and federal.   Yet, he thinks he should still be driving the discussion for new laws in Minnesota.    The event described below is exactly what the Red-Green alliance is all about.  Shutting down all discussions around Islam by playing the victim thanks to CAIR aka HAMAS, ACLU, and SPLC.   Minnesota has been targeted and in very real danger as it moves ever closer to undermining the freedoms that America defined by the Founding Fathers a very long time ago.

This event is “Free and Open to the  Public“.  The hope is that MN citizens will attend and ask why there is a need to define “Hate Speech” when it ONLY pertains to Islam?  Why is there NEVER a discussion to define the attacks against Christians and Jews?  When will Sharia be defined against the Constitution and NOT a “religious” practice?  But, that would NOT get CAIR and the SPLC the notoriety they require, now would it!



(KNSI) – A discussion on hate crimes will take place in St. Cloud next week.

The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office is holding the forum on hate crimes next Tuesday, October 22nd, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Atwood Center Ballroom at St. Cloud State University.

The event will start with Attorney General Keith Ellison, St. Cloud State Representative Dan Wolgamott, and former White Nationalist Christian Picciolini speaking.

After that, residents will be given time to talk about their experiences with hate crimes in the St. Cloud area.

Keaon Dousti, with the Attorney Generals Office, says they want to hear from community members about their issues with hate crimes and to come up with community solutions.

The event is free and open to the public.

The discussion is different and separate from last month’s Dismantling Hate Crimes forum at the St. Cloud Public Library. That event was postponed because organizers say there were safety concerns.

The exact nature of those concerns has not been revealed.

Multiple emails and phone calls sent by KNSI to the Department of Human Rights, who sent out the postponement notice, the ACLU and the Council on American Islamic Relations, have yet to be returned over the last few weeks.

The St. Cloud Police Department says they weren’t investigating any threats of any kind made to the panel or venue.

A group that wanted to protest the appearance of the panel got a permit to do so from St. Cloud. It’s unclear if that protest sparked the St. Cloud Area Human Rights Commission to postponed the event.

The panel was to include the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, the Council on American Islamic Relations, OutFront Minnesota, the FBI, the American Civil Liberties Union, and St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson.

Does anyone see a problem here?   Take a look at the list of participants that were scheduled at the event planned for last month… CAIR & The FBI, along with ACLU and  the St. Cloud Police Chief!   This coalition continues to compromise the law enforcement and good citizens of Minnesota when the FBI and Police Chief are seen working with CAIR aka Hamas and the liberal ACLU working against anyone who sees the threat for what it is… Islamic Sharia taking over the state!  Sharia defined and promoted by every Islamic document in mosques and Islamic centers.  Sharia that is antithetical to the U.S. Constitution!

MN state house just recently introduced a bill to address what they define as “hate speech” and grouped Islamaphobia with Antisemitism.  Two very different entities to address.  Antisemitism is a real hatred of Israel and Jews, with very specific attacks to destroy and undermine every aspect of businesses and life in Israel and/or as a Jew living anywhere by actively promoting BDS.  Islamaphobia is a made up name to give license to Jihad and Sharia criminal activity across a non-Muslim land! Islamaphobia is #FakeNews to claim victimhood!  Islamaphobia creates an attack on anyone even reading facts from Islamic scholars defining the treatment of women, girls, gays, or anyone leaving Islam (Apostates).  Treatment of non-Muslims who refuse to convert to Islam.  Islamaphobia is being weaponized to shut down the 1st amendment when it comes to defining Sharia and it’s anti-Constitutional requirements.

MN has a choice to stop this and MUST shutdown this attack on free speech, freedom of liberty, and Constitution.   

Here is one such bill that needs to be stopped now: HF 2587 – Status in the House for the 91st Legislature (2019-2020), as of today shows the following:


Current bill text: As Introduced
Description: Islamophobia and antisemitism task force created, and money appropriated.


Authors: Gomez Mariani Xiong, J.
Actions:  House


Introduction and first reading, referred to Government Operations
pg. 1380 Intro
Author added Xiong, J.
pg. 1513

Christmas is about here again… and is this what you want in your Mall?  We MUST be able to describe the evil that is shutting down free speech and that is Islam!   Take a look at this quick video that shows how all other religions are treated, especially in MN!  This video asks a VERY IMPORTANT question… “Why isn’t this a Hate Crime?”   BUT, will the MN AG consider this action by Islamic Sharia compliant teens as “Hate”?   Probably not!