Enemies Within Series: Christine Douglass-Williams – Why Did Canada Re-Elect Trudeau?


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents: Enemies Within with Christine Douglass-Williams

Christine explains the Canadian voting system, how votes for party elect the Prime Minister. She explains how Trudeau is dangerous for Canada, but the country is so divided to make the change. There were too many parties to get the votes needed to push Trudeau out. Now Canada has another term of the Liberal that is doing exactly what Obama did to America.

And… Canada does NOT have a 2 term limit, so Trudeau could remain in power if Canada does NOT come together and raise up a true Conservative candidate that can win against the destructive ambitions of Justin Trudeau. What does it mean to the U.S. and the northern border? Will Trudeau do as promised and allow in all the migrants into the country that he signed on to the UN Migrant Pact to bring in?

What will that mean to America and the security of the northern border? Time to think about what Trudeau will do and who is pulling his strings!

Action Items:

  • Realization that Canada has lost it’s freedoms, starting with M103 that calls out anyone who even reads the verses of the Koran that are violent.  That qualifies them as Islamaphobes and possibly arrested!
  • Get involved in the U.S. to get Evangelicals to the polls.  We don’t tell people how to vote, just that they do vote!
  • Proudly stand for America and the Constitution!  We call that “Constitutional Supremacist”.  Which means you stand for all citizens of the U.S.!
  • Education is key… read, watch, and use discernment with all you follow.  The Marxists/Islamists are very “crafty” at convincing people FREE STUFF is good and ISLAM is a religion.  Both are VERY BAD!