Danger High: Islamic Society of Chester County, Pennsylvania


Source: Jihad Watch, By Dave Gaubatz, October 22, 2019

2 Nov 2013

I, Paul David Gaubatz, declare under penalty of perjury that the following statements are true and correct and based on my own personal knowledge:

This sworn affidavit pertains to Islamic Society of Chester County, operating within West Chester, Pennsylvania (1001 Pottstown Pike, West Chester, PA)

  1. Background pertaining to credentials to research and analyze Islamic based issues: I was a U.S. Federal Agent with a Top Secret/SCI clearance for approximately 15.5 years.  This was during the time period 1988 – 2003.
  2. In addition to my Top secret/SCI clearance, I was also briefed into many programs known to the public as “Black Projects”. These projects pertained essentially to Counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism issues.
  3. On 11 Sept. 2001, I was assigned as an (1811) civilian Federal Agent in Albuquerque, NM. I had primarily been assigned the duties of ‘Technology Protection’ in regards to our countries highest classification of technologies used to defend our country.
  4. After the attack on our country (11 Sept. 2001), I was assigned counter-terrorism duties on a full time basis and in late 2002, assigned to the Foreign Service Institute (U.S. State Department/Arlington, VA). My duties were to train full time in Arabic and counter-terrorism issues. The Arabic language was almost one complete year. During this time period I was sent to Jordan for a three week ‘immersion’ program to better understand the Arabic language, the culture, and Islam.
  5. In Jan 2003, before Operation Iraqi Freedom, I was requested to deploy as a U.S. civilian Federal Agent to ArAr Air Base, Saudi Arabia (within a few miles of Iraqi border). My full time duties were to collect intelligence involving potential attacks against U.S. Armed Forces personnel and to conduct counter-espionage against Saudi Arabian government/military, Iraqi, and other people in the ArAr area.  I led several counter-terrorism/counter-espionage expeditions.
  6. From Apr – Jul 2003, I was assigned inside (Nasiriyah, Baghdad, Basrah, and other cities) Iraq and my primary duties were counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence.
  7. While in Iraq I interviewed numerous Iraqis in regards to terrorism against the U.S., the Islamic ideology pertaining to violent Jihadists activity, and the methodology of Islamic terrorists.
  8. While in Iraq I had the opportunity to discuss the training and tactics used by Islamic terrorist leaders and their supporters.
  9. I have received training on the Islamic terrorist ideology/tactics from people who were former members of Islamic terrorist groups and from Muslims who were investigating these groups themselves. These people included military and police officers who served under Saddam Hussein (former Iraq President).
  10. Since returning from Iraq in 2003, I have trained over 2500 U.S. law enforcement officers in counter-terrorism involving Islamic terrorist groups and their supporters.
  11.  I have discussed Islam and Sharia law with over 100 Imams and Islamic leaders in the U.S.
  12. I have listened to over one thousand plus hours of lectures by Islamic scholars/leaders that have been trained in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, and Iran.
  13. I have read over 5000 different publications, books, and brochures by Islamic scholars.
  14. In 2005, I hired a senior Council on American-Islamic Relations leader to provide me training on the operation of this Islamic organization.
  15. I have personally conducted first-hand research at over 250 plus Islamic Centers in the U.S. The research involved speaking with the leaders, worshippers, and reviewing the materials they use to educate their worshippers (men, women, and children).
  16. I have monitored several ‘overseas’ based Islamic terrorist group internet sites.
  17. I have received numerous U.S. Government awards pertaining to my work in protecting our country, our technology, and U.S. Armed Forces personnel.
  18. I have worked jointly in counter-terrorism research and investigations with Muslims and non Muslims. (government awards attached)
  19. My research is not biased. I credit the saving of my life and the saving of many U.S military personnel lives with several Muslims who risked their lives to protect ours. These Muslims and I both realize there are Islamic groups, their supporters, and Islamic scholars based in the U.S. that do advocate violence against innocent men, women, children, and pose a ‘grave’ security risk to our country.

Research Findings related to the Islamic Society of Chester County:

During the period 25 and 26 Oct 2013, I conducted research at the Islamic Society of  Chester County (ISCC) and at Islamic bookstores in Philadelphia, PA, that Muslim worshippers at the Islamic Society referred me to.  The research involved speaking with leaders, worshippers, and reviewing the materials this Center uses to educate their worshippers.

I have a PowerPoint Presentation with the materials obtained from the ISCC and the Islamic bookstores they suggested to visit. Quotes /Statements were taken from the Islamic materials. The materials are available for complete review.

Based on my qualifications listed in numbers 1 through 19, it is my professional opinion the leadership of the ISCC):

A: Does advocate violence against innocent Muslims and non–Muslims that do not adhere to and desire an Islamic Ummah (Nation) under Sharia Law in America.

B: Does advocate treason and sedition against the U.S. using violent and non violent tactics/methods as do such Islamic terrorist groups as Al Qaeda have and currently utilize.

C: Does pose a serious risk of educating innocent Muslim children into the violent aspects of Islamic terrorist groups and their violent activities directed against America.

D: This Islamic Center uses materials from convicted terrorists and supporters of Islamic based terrorism to educate their worshippers.

E: Is not a religious institution, but more in line with a political/government system.

F: The leadership is openly involved and advocates polygamous marriages.

Recommendation to law enforcement: Conduct a thorough investigation of the ISCC and its leadership (using federal or state authorities):

  • Investigate for advocating violence and hate related activity by the ISCC. Advocating violence even in a religious institution is not a First Amendment right under the U.S. Constitution.
  • Investigators should treat the materials being distributed by the mosques just as they would do if a young student at a public school would be treated if he/she were advocating violence against innocent people. The only difference is one is a child and the Islamic leaders are often PHD scholars who have the funding to publish books, cd’s and dvd’s as their means of transmitting their violence and often treasonous messages to followers of Islamic based terrorism.
  • Remove the ISCC’s IRS approved non-profit and tax exempt status  as applicable.


Overall, I rate ISCC and their related Islamic bookstores as ‘High’ in regards to posing a threat to the security of the United States.  There is a significant possibility some worshippers of this center will carry out Jihadist type terrorism based on what they are being taught.

As stated above this assessment and professional advice are based on my qualifications as listed in numbers 1 – 19 above.

Executed this 2nd day of  Nov, 2013.
Printed name: Paul David Gaubatz