Enemies Within Series: Philip Haney – National Security Meltdown, Islamic Saturation in U.S. Government


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents: Philip Haney, Former Founding Member DHS and author of See Something, Say Nothing

Philip tells us that the Islamic Infiltration (Saturation) is… WORSE THAN UNDER OBAMA!

His PPT presentation has been password protected from editing, to Open in READ ONLY format, but provided here: 

How can we be this far down the road, identifying the enemy for so many years and STILL be trying to make our elected officials understand that doing business with CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, and most any other Islamic alphabet soup means they are doing business with terrorists?   Easy… they have been convinced Islam is 1) A Religion, and 2) It means “Peace”, and 3) If you say otherwise, you are called out as an “Islamaphobe” and that is deadly to someone running for office.   #1 and # 2 are NOT true, but #3 does happen and they do NOT stand strong against it with the knowledge they require to fight it!  SHAME ON THEM!

It will require more American citizenry being educated and active, speaking truth, and standing for Constitutional, Judeo-Christian values. 

Philip referenced letters that elected officials wrote in support of CAIR.  The article and list are included below.  Open the PDF shown below and contact everyone of these people.  At a minimum, write your state’s elected officials.  Add the information included here identifying CAIR for who they are (see below):

IPT Exclusive: IPT Obtains Letters of Support to Hamas Front Group From 101 Elected Lawmakers

The Investigative Project on Terrorism obtained a copy of the booklet containing all the letters, which can be seen here.  Also included here as a PDF:

For additional detailed information on CAIR aka Hamas that is highly vetted and sourced and is completed by Investigative Project on Terrorism, located here: https://www.investigativeproject.org/profile/172/the-council-on-american-islamic-relations-cair

More CAIR detail from IPT, CAIR in a Nut Shell, posted here: https://www.theunitedwest.org/2019/07/10/ipt-releases-cair-in-a-nutshell-report/

Additional Philip Haney Commentary:

Meanwhile, in the process of verifying the date of the Katy meeting, some other memories came back to me:
On June 19, 2013, I notified Jeff Duncan, Vice-Chairman of the HCHS, that there had to be a CAIR ‘Trojan Horse’ within the Committee, because if CAIR submitted a report to the Committee (which they did on May 09, 2013), then it had to be solicited by someone on the Committee.
As we talked that day and I showed him my evidence, Jeff turned stone white (literally – white). He’s slightly taller than me, and as I looked up at him, I remember thinking that I had never seen anyone’s face turn color so fast.
My wife Francesca was there, too (just the three of us were huddled together in a quiet corner outside of the EMET banquet hall in Washington, D.C.), and she saw him turn white, too.
By his reaction, my wife and I both realized that Jeff Duncan knew I was right, and that he must have known who had solicited the CAIR report.
Then, not long after we met on June 19, 2013, the picture of McCaul and M. Carroll came to light (through sources). When I saw the picture, I immediately realized that Jeff Duncan already knew about the McCaul-CAIR meeting in Katy, TX, when we talked in D.C.
No wonder he turned stone white!
The TX meeting took place just a month before our meeting in D.C, and just four days AFTER the CAIR report was submitted to the Committee.
It took almost two years (~21 months) for this information to become public, i.e., when the Breitbart article was published on February 18, 2015.


  • Absorb the facts – DHS/DoJ/FBI is focused on White Supremacist, not so much on Islamic Terrorists
  • USG can kill an ISIS leader “over there” but not recognize the Islamic threat to our safety “HERE”
  • Somehow Iran and Turkey are enemies “over there” but their proxies [MB, Hamas-CAIR, Hezbollah] here on U.S. soil are not 
  • Prepare to be attacked as a “White Supremacist
  • Because you are a Trump Supporter, (1) Put on the Armor of the Constitution – Article 6, (2) Proudly identify yourself as a “Constitutional Supremacist”, (3) Proactive member of the ONE TEAM that must win the 2020 FIGHT 



  • Know your candidates – who they associate with, what they stand for, determine their voting history, know what positions they currently hold and have held in past positions.
  • Create discussion points to talk when open Town Halls are available.
  • Hold meetings/discussions with friends, colleagues, and family to discuss who is asking for your votes in November 2020, probably funding as well.
  • Schedule time to talk with your Pastors/Rabbi’s to determine a role they can play in educating your community.
  • Volunteer to help elect a candidate you have vetted and are sure to be a true Conservative Judeo-Christian that has committed to Constitutional principles
  • Join coalitions/groups/community gatherings that give a stronger voice to your mission for a Constitutional voice and activities.
  • Stay current with “News of the Day”, but only if you know they are reporting, not blogging opinions… this may require much work to find Truth Reporting.  STAY TUNED, SCS is working to provide this with Clare Lopez and Christine Douglass-Williams… more to come here.