FEAR is a Tyrant Keeping People from Speaking Truth About Islam

Under the Islamic Law of Slander it is a capital crime to say anything about muslims or Islam that muslims would “dislike.”


Source: Understanding the Threat, By John Guandolo, November 13, 2019

The Islamic Law of Slander has been imposed in the United States to such a degree that the vast majority of our leaders are afraid to speak negatively about Islam in any way despite the fact Islam’s barbaric law is contrary to American law, natural law, and human decency.

When good people remain silent and when non-muslims attack Americans who do speak truth about Islam, physically or by having their reputation assailed, the Islamic Law of Slander is imposed without ever walking into a courtroom or legislative body.

It is common knowledge inside the U.S. government that to speak truth about Islam is to put one’s career in jeopardy and, in the intelligence agencies, to be the subject of an internal investigation.

As a police officer, to post a truthful comment about Islam on social media can lead to your firing.

A junior high school student in a U.S. public school who refuses to say and/or write out the Islamic statement of faith (shahada) is in jeopardy of failing that assignment.

How did we get here?

We got here because leaders at all levels of our society have refused to speak simple truths about Islam, and citizens have refused to force them to do so.

Islam teaches there is only ONE version of “Allah’s divine law”/sharia which comes from one Allah and one Mohammad, who is the “exalted standard of character” (Koran 68:4) for all muslims for all times.

Mohammad beheaded people, tortured, raped at least one nine year old girl – his with Aisha, condoned killing people who mocked him, approved of sex slavery, approved the stoning of adulterers, approved the amputation of limbs of thieves, and told the muslim community that their god commanded war against non-muslims until Islam ruled the world.

Muslims have been following this example ever since. There is no “version” of Islam that does not include JIHAD (“warfare against non-muslims”) being one of the three duties of all muslims which is an obligation until the entire world is under “Allah’s divine law.”

And our leaders call Islam a “religion of peace” and Islam’s teachings “good and peaceful” (President George W. Bush, September 2001).

How many people would publicly stand up and support a return to slavery in America?

Our silence in the face of Islam’s growth in America is tantamount to giving positive approval of slavery.

If we truly love our muslim neighbors, we would not stand by silently while a system of barbarity and slavery – sharia – grows in front of our eyes.

If we truly love our neighbors we would fight to end the slavery that is sharia and all remnants of it in our society.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had it right when he outlawed sharia and all visible signs of its existence in Turkey in the 1920’s.

Fear cannot be the motivating factor in our lives driving us. America is a good and decent nation of laws filled with good and decent people.

Good people do not remain silent while evil persists in a society.

The most important key to victory in this war, above all else, is:

Speak truth boldly in love about the real threat of Islam.

Good and decent people need to rise up and courageously speak out. UTT has the resources and training programs to help you do this.

You cannot remain silent any longer.