Gulen Movement Paves Way for Islamic Domination in America

Leader of the Gulen Movement: Suit-wearing jihadi Fethullah Gulen

Source: Understanding the Threat, By John Guandolo, November 5, 2019

There are many parts to the Islamic Counter-State inside the United States, each with a role to play in overthrowing the U.S. government and establishing an Islamic State under “Allah’s divine law”/sharia.

One key element of the enemy’s effort is the Gulen Movement here in the homeland.

The Gulen Movement is named for Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish sunni muslim leader who currently lives in a compound in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.

Gulen’s primary role is to propagandize and “prepare” America for the coming caliphate, which will be centered in Turkey.

Through its media outlets, businesses, schools, and other pieces of this Movement, the Gulen network exerts noticeable influence in the government and business communities among others.

As a matter of background, after World War I and the Turkish revolution, Mustafa Kemal became the leader of the new nation-state of Turkey in the early 1920’s, and did away with all things sharia.

Kemal dissolved the 700 year old Islamic Caliphate known as the Ottoman empire, centered in modern day Turkey. He outlawed visible sharia adherence and sharia in general replacing it with secular law, did away with Arabic and replaced it with Latin, and built a secular military to defend secular Turkey.

These actions led to the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928 with the singular goal of re-establishing the caliphate under sharia.

This also led to groups inside Turkey dedicated to the same.

Sheikh Sa’id-i Kurdi was a leading voice against the changes made by Kemal, and he led a movement in Turkey to re-establish Islam. One of Kurdi’s “disciples” was Fethullah Gulen.

It is important to remember the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Kurdi, Gulen and all the other Islamic Movements and organizations want the same thing – an Islamic State ruled by sharia.

The Gulen Movement in the United States has grown significantly and, sadly, is being supported and nurtured by Republican leaders who use taxpayer dollars to fund parts of this hostile effort against America, especially through Gulen schools.

Texas is a notable example.

The Gulen Movement has many cover organizations, including:

The Cosmos Foundation, Turkic American Foundations, Turkic American Alliance, Council of Turkic American Associations, Tukish Cultural Centers, Turquoise Foundation, Atlas Foundation, Niagra Foundation, Raindrop Foundation, Dialogue Foundation, Pacifica Institute, Holy Dove Foundation, Rumi Forum, Alliance for Shared Values, Atlantic Institute, Peace Islands Institute, and others.

There are four (4) Gulen universities in the United States: American Islamic College (Chicago, IL), Virginia International University (Fairfax, VA), Respect Graduate School (Bethlehem, PA), and North American University (Houston, TX).

There are numerous publicly funded Gulen schools across the United States, many under the Cosmos Foundation, Washington Educational Foundation, Harmony Public Schools, Frontier Schools, Magnolia Foundation, Sky Foundation, Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation, Charter Educational Services & Resource, Coral Education Corporation, Concept Schools, Pelican Educational Foundation, Apple Educational Services, New Jersey Arts and Science Charter Schools, and Accord Institute banners. These schools include:

7 in Arizona (Daisy Education, Sonoran Science Academies, Paragon Science Academy)
2 in Arkansas (Lisa Academies)
11 in California (Magnolia Science Academies, Bay Area Technology School)
1 in Colorado (Lotus School for Excellence)
1 in Washington, DC (Harmony)
10 in Florida (Broward Math & Science, Discovery Academy, New Springs, Orlando Science, River City Science, Stars Middle School)
2 in Georgia (Fulton Science Academy, Fulton Sunshine Academy)
4 in Illinois (Chicago Math & Science, Horizon Science Academies, Quest Charter Academy)
3 in Indiana (Indiana Math and Science Academies)
1 in Louisiana (Kenilworth Science and Technology)
4 in Maryland (Chesapeake Math & IT Academies)
3 in Massachusetts (Pioneer Charter Schools, Hampden Charter School)
1 in Michigan (Michigan Math & Science Academy)
1 in Minnesota (Minnesota Math & Science Academy)
5 in Missouri (Frontier, Gateway)
2 in Nevada (Coral Academies)
6 in New Jersey (Central Jersey College Prep, Paterson Charter, Thomas Edison Energy Smart, Bergen Arts & Science, Passaic Arts & Science, Paterson Arts & Science)
1 in New Mexico (Albuquerque School of Excellence)
4 in New York (Syracuse Academy of Science, Buffalo Academy of Science, Rochester Academy Charter School, Utica Academy of Science)
2 in North Carolina (Triad Math & Science Academy)
19 in Ohio (Horizon Science Academies, Noble Academies)
4 in Oklahoma (Discovery School of Tulsa, Dove Science Academies)
3 in Pennsylvania (Truebright Science Academy, Young Scholars)
1 in South Carolina (Greenville Renewable Energy Education)
1 in Tennessee (Memphis School of Excellence)
45 in Texas (Harmony Schools, Schools of Science and Technology)
1 in Utah (Beehive Science & Technology)
1 in Wisconsin (Milwaukee Math & Science)

It is worthwhile to note that Gulen schools have a high number of H1-B visas issued to Turks coming to America to “teach.” Generally, teachers/staff are overpaid and are required to pay back into the Gulen Movement in exchange for the visa – in violation of U.S. law.

A number of Gulen schools have been under FBI investigation and shut down, but ALL are a part of this Movement which serves the larger Islamic Movement.

In June 2019, Understanding the Threat (UTT), with the help of a couple UTT trained allies, was able to intercede in Texas to prevent a new line of Gulen schools from being approved by the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE). UTT shared information with the Texas SBOE about the Gulen Schools, its main advocate in Texas, Soner Tarim, FBI investigations into the Gulen schools, and the fact that Tarim’s “new” schools for Austin and Houston – the “Royal Charter Schools” – were simply another mask on the same threat.

In fact, Democrat Texas SBOE board member Georgina Perez grilled Soner during the hearing and later told a reporter, “He attempted to create his personal set of alternative facts…Someone with his attitude should not be allowed near a school, much less involved with running one.”

The SBOE voted against the Royal Charter Schools in Texas. This was a great victory for UTT, but mostly for the citizens of Texas and for liberty.

Sadly, only four democrats and four republicans voted against the measure. Citizens across America who are in favor of charter schools need to work to educate their school boards and state officials to discern between good charter schools and the nefarious Gulen schools.

Fethullah Gulen was once a friend and ally of Turkey’s President Erdogan, however, he is now aligned against him. As UTT has frequently shared, when muslims fight each other, it is almost always over one of two things: matters of sharia and/or power.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was the keynote speaker at the grand opening of the Gulen Turquoise Center of Houston, Texas

The Gulen Movement in America, which operates along the same lines as the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, take Members of Congress, State Legislators, and business leaders to Turkey as a propaganda effort to get them to see Turkey as a friend and ally.

Several years ago, I testified before the Kansas State Legislature about the propaganda efforts by the Turks who spend millions of dollars taking state legislators to Turkey. Members of the Kansas State Legislature told me they received invitations to such a trip the week before I testified.

Research from Christopher Holton of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C. reveals that over 6,000 local, state, and federal elected officials in America received invitations to the Turkey trips. Those that went on these junkets paid an average of only $300 for a 10-day trip at 3-star hotels.

In light of the amount of money being paid out by the Gulen Movement for these trips and other events across America and the world, the cover story that these Turkish organizations are “fostering trade and economic opportunities” in communities does not hold water.

This is nothing short of a massive influence operation.

This entire Gulen effort is focused on softening Americans’ attitudes towards Turkey so they will have a mixed, if not positive, response when the caliphate is announced with Turkey at the center.

It is all about advancing the Islamic Movement.

This information/propaganda campaign continues to have the support of politicians, business leaders, pastors, and many others in our communities. UTT supporters/Patriots are encouraged to identify these organizations in your counties, speak with local leaders, and work to shut them down.

For a more detailed assessment, UTT encourages readers to review a piece written by Christopher Holton and Clare Lopez found HERE.