Enemies Within Series – David Bores, Muslima Deceivers


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents:  David Bores, Ret. Police Chief and Co-Founder of Sharia Crime Stoppers, Muslima Deceivers (Muslim women who play the victim card and deceive all around them about Islam)!

Listen to who those women are, where they play the victim of Islamaphobia, and how they use it to win in the media space.  As we have said numerous times, it’s all about Islam being a religion and the women that are allowed to stand out in the public because they are shutting down anyone who takes a stand against the burqa, the veiled face, the treatment of women!   This is a major detriment to the women’s movement for freedom and equality that was started back in the ’60’s.  A women’s movement that is now lost to Islam because of fear in approaching the truth about the impact of what happens under Islam to women and girls!   #StopIslam’s abuse of women and children!


  • Continue to monitor The United West’s Resource & Training Page for educational resourcing.
  • Share Sharia Crime Stoppers video’s to educate your family, your church, your community.
  • Challenge the Deceivers telling you Sharia is “great” for women & girls by asking about these Quranic verses:
    • (4:34)  Wife Beating
    • (4:24)  Female Sex Slaves
    • (4:3)  Polygamy
    • (65:1)  Pedophilia/Child Brides
    • (2:223)  Marital Rape
    • (Rel of the Traveller, e4.3) FGM