Tom Trento Radio – Guests: Kyle Shideler, CIG Director and Former DHS “Whistleblower”, Philip Haney


Tom Trento Radio, Monday, December 16, 2019, 11am ET on WWNN, 1470 AM/95.3 FM #MakeAmericaTHINKAgain

Kyle Shideler – Director of Counter Islamist Grid, a project with Middle East Forum. Working with activists on the local level, to identify the Shariah/Islamist threats within communities and across America.

Philip Haney – Founding Member and Former DHS Border Patrol Officer “Whistleblower”, and author of See Something/Say Nothing (Book found here:

Tom discusses the article Kyle wrote regarding the recent meeting Pelosi had with Islamist Organizations to overturn the “Muslim Ban” President Trump put in place in 2017 that identified dangerous countries with known/active terrorism groups. Kyle’s article can be found here:

Tom also discusses the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing held in 2016, initiated by Senator Ted Cruz discussing the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Hearing was called: “Willful Blindness: Consequences of Agency Efforts to De-emphasize Radical Islam in Combating Terrorism”, Philip Haney was a member of the panel being interviewed. Philip named the enemies while others on that panel tried to convince America there is no such threat by the Islamist groups. Listen and hear part of Philip’s testimony with Tom. The entire hearing can be watched here:

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