Extremely Dangerous: San Francisco, California


Source: Jihad Watch, By Dave Gaubatz, October 31, 2019




Dave Gaubatz is a former U.S. Federal Agent with Top Secret/SCI clearance, expert in counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism on national security issues, highly trained in Islamic ideology and tactics, Arab linguist, author of Muslim Mafia, has investigated over 300 mosques/Islamic Centers in the USA and 150 outside USA, and after leaving his position in the government continued this work as a Civilian Agent. Using firsthand investigation, he then evaluates Risk/Threat Levels based on multiple factors including Materials on Premises and What They Advocate, Ties to Muslim Terrorists, and Sharia Adherence. Mr. Gaubatz estimates that 80% of mosques in America recruit and train in jihad (violent & civilization). Finally, he makes Recommendations to protect America, our citizens, our children. He asks about each mosque: Would ISIS be proud?

NOTE: Several Reports/Affidavits will be published. When you read one from earlier dates, note that Dave Gaubatz issued Risk/Danger warnings ahead, but in some cases, violence occurred later from a member of one of those reported mosques (ex: Trolley Square, Salt Lake City, Utah shooting; child abuse Nashville, TN). When you read a report that came after an attack (Ex: Report 2017, Boston Marathon Bombing by the Tsarnaev brothers in 2013), note that violence had already occurred, Mr. Gaubatz reported continued Risk/Danger years later from the same mosques terrorists had attended.  Reading professionally investigated and evaluated Reports/Affidavits from various years is important so the American public is aware of new or continuing Risk/Danger and can demand protection from all levels of government officials and law enforcement that they are sworn to provide.


Location: San Francisco, CA (CA#100)

Date of Incident: 19 Jan 2008


On 19 Jan 2008, Field Researcher ‘Hassan’ visited CA#100 for prayer at approximately 1225 hours. Hassan subsequently met a man who identified himself as “Bilal Mohammad”. Mohammad informed Hassan he is from Yemen. Hassan stated he and Mohammad discussed ‘Jihad’ and Mohammad made the following statements:

  • “Jihad is fighting, as in a war against the kufars” (non­believers of Islam)
  • “The Mujahadeen are the Muslims fighting in Jihad”
  • “He is a Salafist, and Salafist is the same thing as Wahhabee”
  • “Islamic Shia scholars are kufar”
  • “Killing kufars is halal” (authorized)
  • “Killing Shia scholars is halal”
  • “America and Americans are kufar”
  • “When the Muslims have a strong Islamic Government the Muslims should go to Palestine for Jihad, then to Iraq to fight the Americans’
  • “The Muslims should fight the Iraqi people who are assisting the U.S. in Iraq, and also the Americans”

Hassan advised Bilal Mohammad has the violent ideology of “Wahhabism”, supports physical Jihad against Americans, and is a potential threat to America. Hassan further related based on his interaction with Mohammad, that he does not believe site CA#100 is the only mosque in the U.S. that Mohammad visits. Hassan advised a referral to U.S. law enforcement officials is highly recommended.

Hassan further related Mohammad is approximately 5 ft. 6 inches, 150 lbs., light complexion, was wearing a short Sirwal and Jilbab, had an Islamic hat, and a beard at least a fist in length. He appeared to be between 27 — 29 years old.

Director Gaubatz comments: Concur with referral to law enforcement. Mohammad’s views of American’s as kufar, and the statement that killing kufars is halal, can lead to violence. There is insufficient data to conclude that Mohammad is a member of any Islamic terrorist group. His ideology about Jihad and the fact that he provided so many details to Hassan during one prayer session is sufficient to conclude Mohammad likely expresses the same violent views to other Muslims. This can lead to vulnerable and easily persuaded Muslims to engage in violent acts against America.

Note: This SIR was provided to Law Enforcement officials.