Enemies Within Series – Tom Trento, Trump is Under Attack in Florida – Warriors Needed!


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents: Tom Trento, President Trump is Under Attack in Florida! Warriors Needed!

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Tom Trento, Executive Director of The United West, found here: https://www.theunitedwest.org/

Tom tells us how the Marxist/Socialists are teaming up with the Jihadists to takeover Florida and why Florida is so important to the 2020 election.

PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY! As Tom tells us, Warriors are required to stand against those efforts to take away your personal freedom and liberties!

#FLAlert You do NOT need to be in Florida to help! BUT… if you can, please join the forces on the ground! We can help!


  • Continue to monitor The United West’s Resource & Training Page for educational resourcing.
  • Share Sharia Crime Stoppers video’s to educate your family, your church, your community.
  • Register and Mobilize Evangelicals who do NOT vote!  These votes are required in FL and across America!
  • Read, watch, and learn what is happening in your community, your state!  It requires everyone of us to be active.  Here’s some areas to  act:
    • Sign up at your local voting precinct to work registration tables
    • Join your GOP meetings (You do NOT need to be a “card carrying member”), just join the conversation and volunteer to help.
    • Offer to go Door to Door to talk to your neighbors about all the good that President Trump has done for America
    • Ask to distribute yard signs, door hangars, and brochures when they become available from your local GOP offices
    • Speak to your church communities and leadership
    • Seek out any local TEA Party/Conservative groups and join them to work to Keep America Great!
    • Ask how you can make phone calls for Trump to specific areas of the country… FL, GA, TX  (key states required to get President Trump re-elected)