Enemies Within Series: Brannon Howse Discusses SIEGE, The Movie


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents: Brannon Howse, Founder of Worldview Weekend Media

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Brannon allowed us to show powerful documentary movie trailer: SIEGE Then speaks to us about what he learned while making it. It documents all the many ways that the Marxists and Jihadists are working together to takeover America and it is happening within EVERY walk of life! Not just in DC, but in every school, every community, and even in every church! It’s time for America to STAND for Constitutional Rule of Law!

Please check out Brannon’s incredible work here:  https://www.worldviewweekend.com/
The full DVD set can be found here:  siegethemovie.com

The November 2020 elections are so very critical! #VoteIntelligently #ConstitutionFirst #AmericaFirst What will YOU leave your children, grandchildren, and future generations?


  • Get this DVD set and…
    • Schedule home viewings, church gatherings, community showings.
    • Ask your local community leaders to watch, at a minimum, a portion of it or at least the Trailer – IT’S FREE!
    • Schedule it for your social groups – Women’s org’s, TEA Party mtgs, Conservative orgs, etc
  • Challenge your church/synagogue leaders – Pastors/Priests/Rabbi’s, Board members, and officers to  watch how they are being targeted to side with the Marxists – TO TURN THEM AWAY FROM BIBLICAL/TORAH SCRIPTURE.
  • Begin discussions in your communities to get voters registered and to the polls – be sure they understand November 2020 is critical for our Constitutional Republic!
  • Continue to follow Brannon Howse, Tom Trento, and Sharia Crime Stoppers for all the educational programming provided.   The Marxists/Jihadists do NOT want you to know what they are planning!  We will provide that here!