Dr Mark Christian, Global Faith – Shia, Sunni, Immigration, and WHAT is happening to America


Dr. Mark Christian, Founder of Global Faith, January 23, 2020 – Global Faith Dinner Speaking Engagement

Dr. Christian presents every 4th Thursday of the month with  his Global Faith monthly speaking events that he has been holding for many years.  Please join us to hear Mark’s insight to where the threats are occurring and how we can be better equipped. 

Dr. Christian talks to us about Saudi & Iran – Islam, the policy to allow many from the middle east (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qattar, etc) to be on U.S. bases, doing training.  Who vets those coming for the training, and why the entire process MUST be revised, if not stopped!  Why do we train those that are ingrained with the Quranic verses that believe infidels MUST be converted or dead?  Why do we allow foreign agents to train on U.S. bases that have a policy that no soldier is allowed to be armed while on base?   Questions abound! 

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