What About Dalia?


Source: Understanding the Threat, By John Guandolo, January 22, 2020

U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s words and actions are repugnant to many Americans. Her anti-American rants, Jew-hatred, despicable comments about 9/11, and sharia-adherent garb are visually and practically offensive to many who understand what she is all about.

And that is exactly the response her words and actions are meant to evoke.

Over the last few years, UTT has provided information via interviews, our TV show and articles here about the Splinter – a term describing layers of deception keeping the United States from clearly seeing the core threat – in this case, Islam.

It goes like this…

Leaders of Hamas/CAIR in suits point to ISIS’ crucifixions, beheadings and other barbaric behavior which, in comparison, make Hamas/CAIR officials look “moderate” and “someone we can work with.”

As Hamas/CAIR comes under greater scrutiny by a better-educated public and a few vocal leaders, “moderate muslims” step forward to call out the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and “radical Islam” for being threats and incompatible with American law and principles.

Note: none of the “moderates” actually speak TRUTH about sharia/Islam

The aforementioned process is a SPLINTER. Different facades of the same threat, each more attractive than the previous one.

UTT has spoken openly that Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar would open doors and plow ground for clean-cut, good-looking muslim men and non-hijab wearing women who would run for public office, many as republicans.

And here we are.

Relative to Ilhan Omar, Dalia al Aqidi, the republican candidate for Omar’s Congressional seat, appears a much more attractive and “moderate” choice.

Dalia al Aqidi’s patriotic campaign video is powerful, and might make you want to stand up and sing the national anthem. A refugee from Iraq, Aqidi’s story paints a picture of the plight of an inspiring woman fleeing injustice for a better life.

Aqidi exactly fits the model of the next splinter UTT has been warning about for three years.

Openly criticizing Omar, Aqidi wears no burka or hijab, is attractive, and says she is everything Ilhan Omar is not.

Over the last week numerous conservative figures have promoted Aqidi on social media, publicized her efforts, and interviewed her in conservative media.

Dalia al Aqidi has skyrocketed out of nowhere, moved to Minnesota, and, seemingly overnight, been dropped into the laps of republicans as the answer to Ilhan.

And “conservative” republicans are gobbling her up.

All of this is unfolding exactly how UTT predicted, in keeping with the enemy’s modus operandi, and with no thoughtful questions from people who claim to understand the threat.

Is it possible Dalia al Aqidi is who and what she says she is? It is possible.

However, if Dalia al Aqidi is not a part of the Islamic Movement’s intentional rollout of the next phase of their operation, she would be the first muslim candidate identified as such since 9/11.

What are the odds?