Christine Douglass-Williams, News Briefings – US/Canada Border and Censorship in Both


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents:#MakeAmericaTHINKAgain Christine Douglass-Williams Briefing, Monday, February 3, 2020

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What is happening in Canada under the Trudeau administration, what should America know about the policies being enforced in Canada that are so very dangerous to Canadians AND America, and what we should all know to protect the northern border.

Christine tells us so much about the Islamic threat across both Canada and the US, but focuses on key recent reports that should make everyone alert, everyone aware, doesn’t matter what your citizenship shows. We are on a precipice and time is now to be active and educating all around you.

We include clips of threats against Ezra Levant that should not be happening and how you can help. Ezra Levant is being challenged for writing a book, one that is unfavorable to Trudeau.  Now he’s being harassed and questioned, needing legal counsel for protection of himself and Rebel News to stop the assault on free speech.  If you can  help him, please go here for more details:  

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