Source: RAIR, By Renee Nal, February 7, 2020

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On January 18, 2020, British freedom fighter Tommy Robinson gave a spectacular and damning speech at the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen while accepting the 2019 Sappho Award from the Free Press Society. The speech was so damning, in fact, that it appears Facebook doesn’t want you to see it.

Tommy Robinson, who was banned from Facebook within 24 hours after he spectacularly humiliated the BBC, is particularly dangerous to the establishment because he is not intimidated by the obnoxious media elite, he is extremely articulate, appeals to British working people who are sick of the condescending left and frankly makes the mainstream media look like the frauds they are.

As previously reported at RAIR, Facebook has already publicly declared in Denmark that any positive mention of Tommy Robinson would be removed from their platform. Slanderous comments about Tommy Robinson, however, are welcome on Facebook and will not be removed.

Watch the terrifying RAIR exclusively-translated video featuring Facebook’s Head of Communications for the Nordic Region Peter Andreas Münster’s stunning admission to interviewer Lotte Folke Kaarsholm of Deadline (one of Denmark’s most popular news programs):

Now it appears that Facebook in America has labeled Tommy Robinson as a “dangerous individual” and is pressuring RAIR Foundation USA to remove an article about Robinson’s speech from their platform. The obvious irony is that Facebook is fighting to silence a man warning about the left’s coordinated attempt to silence speech.

Screenshot of Facebook’s notice to RAIR Foundation USA

Tommy Robinson’s Warning to America

RAIR reached out to Tommy Robinson, who had a dire warning for America. “Everything that happens over here then spreads to the United States”, he said. “They can’t take away your free speech [because of the First Amendment] so what they would do instead is use big tech to take it away.” Further, Robinson told RAIR that President Trump may get reelected in 2020, but if things don’t change, “Republicans will never win another election…because you will be completely out of the sphere of debate because they [tech companies] have control.”

Remarkably, there is an abundance of positive Facebook pages for numerous communist organizations and violent individuals such as Liberation RoadCommunist Party USAChe GuevaraLouis FarrakhanRasmea OdehKarl MarxVladimir LeninJoseph StalinMuslim BrotherhoodUnicorn RiotAntifa and the BDS Movement just to name some.

But none of these terrorist organizations and individuals are as “dangerous” as Tommy Robinson, according to Facebook.

Facebook’s “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations” Inconsistencies

Interestingly, RAIR noticed that there is an inconsistency with the “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations” standards as described on Facebook and the “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations” standards as described in the Facebook message to RAIR about Tommy Robinson.

On Facebook, the definition of “dangerous” is:

  • Terrorist activity
  • Organized hate
  • Mass murder (including attempts) or multiple murder
  • Human trafficking
  • Organized violence or criminal activity

But for Tommy Robinson, it appears that the definition of “dangerous” has been downgraded to include “harmful activity”, which is undefined. As an aside, this category has always appeared to be quite problematic for Facebook.

See Screenshots:

Here is the screen capture of the message from Facebook:

The Fake Beheading Charge

In order to justify the deplatforming of Tommy Robinson, Facebook claimed that Tommy Robinson called for the beheading of Muslims, a charge Tommy Robinson flatly denies. RAIR Foundation USA has access to a complete archived account of Robinson’s Facebook activity, a task completed by his attorneys, and can confirm that the charge is ludicrous. Despite the laughable claim being reported at The Guardian, the BBC and Fox News, there is no screenshot or specific detail provided about the alleged post that led to the Facebook ban.

Robinson’s presentation, which was protested by Antifa, gave a litany of examples of blatant media falsehoods directed at Tommy Robinson that he was able to effectively debunk. This author implores readers to watch the speech in it’s entirety. Any intellectually honest person will clearly see that Robinson has been the victim of a coordinated effort to shut him down.

While it seems ludicrous that one lone man should be the target of the vast, well-funded behemoth of the establishment media coupled with their social media allies, consider the article posted at RAIR Foundation USA in October titled: “UK Government Funds Hard Left Extremists to Silence and Destroy Political Opponents” which described the efforts of the publicly-funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in conjunction with “HOPE not hate” a hard left organization that openly calls for “deplatforming” political opponents.

Screenshot from HOPE not hate’s website

Tommy Robinson was invited to appear on the same program mentioned above, Deadline, shortly after he accepted his award from the Free-Press Society at the Danish Parliament. As reported at, Deadline anchor Steen Nørskov misrepresented an incident which made Robinson appear to be aggressive, by omitting that Robinson was responding to literal threats to his family. Nørskov was called out by Robinson with facts, leaving the Danish “journalist” practically running away from his own lies.


Senator Ted Cruz has been a rare voice at the forefront of the effort to hold big tech accountable, as well as Senator Josh Hawley. “I have repeatedly explained that the American people should not have to subsidize the biggest companies on earth to operate platforms that exclude the views of their fellow citizens,” Cruz said in a letter to U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Lighthizer. The letter was specifically “urging him [Lighthizer] to remove language in U.S. trade agreements similar to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which provides ‘near -blanket legal immunity’ to technology companies.” Americans should support Senator Ted Cruz in his efforts. Robinson had a plea for President Trump as relayed to RAIR to “do something about…tech censorship.”

The three most important things critically needed to return credibility to big tech are transparency, consistency and accountability for their own political bias. Citizens of all countries deserve no less.