Charlotte, N.C. Sermon: Israel Created to Prevent the Muslims from Becoming a Superpower


In a Friday sermon delivered at the Muslim American Society of Charlotte, North Carolina, Imam John Yahya Ederer said that the story of the creation of Israel was not often told in America, ” because of the billions of dollars, and under-the-table bank and financial and economic interests, as well as needing a thorn in the side of the Muslim world, lest they ever become another superpower.” In this sermon, which was posted on the MAS Charlotte official YouTube channel on July 18, 2014, Imam Ederer said that Zionism was “a racist, belligerent, immoral, un-American, un-Torah, un-Talmudic, and antisemitic movement,” and that the Zionists were trying to brainwash the Muslims with a plot to get them to hate all Jews.