How America became the perfect place for Islamic civilization Jihad

Leo Hohmann



March 4, 2020

I’ve been grappling with a troubling thought that has haunted me for several years.

It has to do with that most beloved document, the U.S. Constitution.

What if this document, as venerable and remarkable as it is, contains a fatal flaw?

It is said that a smart fighter always attacks at his adversary’s weakest point. If that’s true, we can identify our weakness by observing the enemy’s actions.

The weakness I’m pointing to is not anything that is included in our Constitution. No, I’m talking about something that’s missing. Something that’s not there but maybe should be.

In crafting the First Amendment, our founders mentioned the free exercise of “religion” but stopped short of defining exactly what religion they had in mind. They kept it generic when they could have been specific. There are many theories as to why, but it remains a mystery.

By using the vague word “religion,” without clarifying what they meant, they left the door wide open for false religions like Islam to come waltzing into America on equal footing with Christianity and Judaism, the sources of our Western values.

In the hands of clever civilization jihadists, such a vaguely worded First Amendment can be weaponized against the American people. This weapon in the hands of Islamists is especially effective when the majority of Christians and Jews have fallen into a backslidden state or gone completely over the edge into atheism.

In defense of the founders, they had no idea that American Christians would largely abandon their faith. Bible reading and church attendance are at all-time lows. And many who still attend church do so at congregations preaching a false social gospel rooted in Marxist messages of social justice.

The Church Militant, where the pure Word of God is boldly preached and lived, has been in retreat. Instead of trying to evangelize and convert people of other faiths, modern Christians want to sit down with them and have “interfaith dialogue.”

This leads to moral collapse, which we now see taking shape, followed by a suicidal exposure to anti-American enemies that have been planted in our cities like a Trojan Horse.

And I’m not just talking about Clinton-Bush-Obama-era refugee resettlements in Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and a dozen or so other states.

How do you think Dearborn and Hamtramck became Muslim-dominated towns?

Henry Ford started importing workers from Lebanon and Yemen to work in his auto plants even before the turn of the 20th century, a process that accelerated in the 1960s. The latest wave of mostly Shiite Muslims into Michigan came from Iraq following George W. Bush’s war against Saddam Hussein.

There were signs that some of the founders were concerned about the document they left to their posterity. John Adams warned that America would survive as a free republic only as long as Americans remained a moral and religious people. I don’t think he was talking “religious” as in Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism. He was talking about Christianity. You lose your Christianity, you lose your republic. It’s that simple.

Adams knew that if we ever lost our Christian faith, or watered it down to the point where it no longer influenced our culture, that deceitful men would enter like wolves in sheep’s clothing to sow confusion and chaos among the people.

And that’s exactly what has happened.

These deceivers relentlessly attack the Judeo-Christian values that hold the country together. They know that if they can create enough division and disorder, the Constitution can be rendered moot. As one former president famously said, “it’s just a G-D piece of paper.”

We’re almost to that point. Traitorous elites like the Soroses, Clintons and Obamas likely thought they were in the mop-up stages when along came Donald Trump to upset their plans. Even if his personal life is dubious, he stands for the dignity of human life, for the American worker, and against the military adventurism of the elites in both parties. He can’t be controlled because he hasn’t taken their money.

Now, back to that potentially fatal flaw.

Atheistic socialism and Islamism — the two biggest enemies of our free republic — could have been headed off in advance if the Constitution had openly declared America a Christian nation.

Instead, we now have over 4,000 mosques in America, as many as three-quarters of them employing foreign-born imams who openly preach hatred of America and Western values. If you want to know where this leads, just look at Great Britain. It’s in the final throes of a takeover. London has a Muslim mayor. Little British girls are gang-raped by Pakistani-Muslim gangs and nobody has the guts to stand up for them.

Our Founding Fathers had a chance to identify what is true and what is false, and keep the false belief systems out of the schools, military, prisons and other government institutions.

By infiltrating and attacking our cultural institutions from within, the secularists and Islamists — allied under the Red-Green Axis — have been able to take over all three branches of government as well as the state and federal bureaucracies. They own the media and public education.

This is what Trump calls the Swamp. Others call it the “deep state” or the “shadow government.”

The executive branch, while not currently headed by a swamp monster, is populated by 90 percent swamp monsters.

The Democrat Party is 100 percent under the Swamp’s spell. The Republican Party is about 50 percent conquered and can tilt either way depending on who’s in the White House. A Bush or a Romney is as bad as a Clinton or an Obama.

This allows the Swamp to engineer a complete work-around of our Constitution, rendering it almost irrelevant.

Here’s how it works: Congress passes an unconstitutional bill, it gets signed into law by the president (either Democrat or RINO Republican), and then a majority of the nine people in black robes place their stamp of approval on the law at the Supreme Court. Like a rabbit being pulled out of a hat, that unconstitutional law is now constitutional!

It can also work in reverse: The people in black robes strike down good and needed laws.

This is how we ended up with with abortion, same-sex marriage and open borders. About 50 years worth of bad laws have essentially superseded the Constitution.

As a result, these United States are tailor made for takeover. It remains to be seen which side in the Red-Green Axis will end up supreme — the socialists or the Islamists. Whichever it is, they will deal harshly with the remnant of Christians, not the left-wing social-justice Christians but the real Christians.

Our system of government, based on the pluralism and freedom of religion embedded in the First Amendment, is a dream come true for Islamic dawah, and is equally attractive to the preachers of atheistic socialism.

I’m not the first to have noticed this fatal flaw. Not by a long shot.

In the midst of the Civil War, a group of Presbyterian ministers, theologians, lawyers and judges recognized that same flaw and tried to fix it. They called their movement the National Reform Association (NRA) and they wanted to amend the Preamble to the Constitution to clearly identify Christianity as the national religion. 

The NRA proposed the following Preamble (changes in brackets):

“We the People of the United States, [humbly acknowledging Almighty God as the source of all authority and power in civil government, the Lord Jesus Christ as the Ruler among the nations, His revealed will as the supreme law of the land, in order to constitute a Christian government,] and in order to form a more perfect union…”

I had no knowledge of this history until recently, and I’m guessing not many of my readers have heard of it, either. It’s not the type of thing our government schools want kids to know. (For a more detailed account, click here.)

Needless to say, these 19th century reformers were shot down. We are paying for it today.

The ticking time bomb of religious pluralism was embedded in our Constitution by American founders associated with the Enlightenment. 

By the end of the Second World War, that bomb started rattling out of its casing, and by the 1960s it burst forth, sending pieces of shrapnel throughout our culture. The sexual revolution, abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, transgenderism, socialism and the false religion of Islam are all promoted in our schools and universities today. Godly values were long ago driven out. Children as young as first grade are now being taught to question their God-given gender. Older students are indoctrinated into being ashamed of their country’s Christian roots.

In the spirit of Phil Haney, we must carry on


As my friend, the late Philip Haney, observedthe swamp is not only deep but wide. It extends well beyond Washington, to the states and even local levels.

Haney, in a May 23, 2017 radio interview, said that if Trump hired him to come back to the Department of Homeland Security he would help him drain the swamp.

Asked what he would tell the president, Haney responded:

“I would tell him, Mr. Trump, if you want to drain the swamp I can help you because I know where the valves are. Some of the valves that are open need to be closed — those are called leaks — and some of them that are closed need to be opened and that’s to drain it out. And then I’ll help you do the forensics on what we find down there at the bottom of the swamp. But you better be prepared to hold your nose because it’s going to be awfully nasty. If you ever get to that point where you actually get down there in the muck and the goo, you’re going to need a hazmat suit, for sure. But, I’m willing to do it. Sign me up.”

Pray hard patriots, and don’t give up. Less than two weeks ago, Phil Haney’s life was tragically taken from us, leaving many of us feeling vulnerable and alone. But we are not alone. We must remember that we are engaged in a spiritual war that will only be won with the aid of power from above.

Phil Haney would tell us to never forget where our power comes from. And to never lose our connection with that power.