Christine Douglass-Williams News Briefing-Is the WEST LOSING? North America, Europe, and Trudeau!


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents: Christine Douglass-Williams Briefing, Monday, March 9, 2020


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Christine Douglas-Williams asks… where’s Trudeau when the Native Canadians are shutting down the CN railway, impacting businesses across Canada… and also touching America. The Supply Chain is impacted when the railways can NOT deliver product… more than many even realize. BUT… Trudeau is out of country and NOT engaged.

Also… a Jihad attack, yet not anywhere in the MSM media. Has this become too normalized? Incredible! Christine tells us what America MUST realize is happening in Canada. America seems to think Canada is “over there” and yet, the border between is so at risk for everything from commerce to Jihad to immigration/illegals to so much more. That risk is a huge impact for both sides. What would Canada do if America elects a Marxist for President? A huge fear for Canada, as well as Americans! What should America be worried about with Trudeau as PM for the next few years? America needs President Trump to keep that in check!

Christine understands all of this and talks to us about how all of this impacts Canada, America, and Europe! Please hear this amazing News Briefing and SHARE IT!

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