Enemies Within Series: Shahram Hadian, Christian Pastor-News From a Biblical Perspective


Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents: Shahram Hadian, former Muslim/Now Christian Pastor, from Iran. Talks to us about Current News from a Biblical Perspective. What does the Bible say about COVID19, Israel, the Democrat Candidates, and more.

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Shahram talks to us about how the media is “weaponizing” the Coronavirus, putting fear in America and actually the world, when Christians MUST remember their faith, remember it’s pretty much common sense to keep you safe. It’s serious, but NOT the pandemic the media is leading people to believe.

Shahram talks about Israel and Netanyahu’s re-election, the critical 2020 election and why President Trump MUST be re-elected. He advises what Christians must do to get involved. It will NOT be easy, but it is too critical to NOT get engaged.

Also, hear what Shahram is doing personally, “Live Streams” he’s now doing, and how you can learn from him and his great organization, TIL Ministries. Be sure to subscribe to Shahram’s website, Facebook, and YouTube pages.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TruthInLoveChristianFellowship/

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