Democrats, Progressives and Socialists


Source: Front Page Mag, By Bruce Hendry, March 2, 2020

Exposing the danger.

David Horowitz’s Editorial Note: Starting today we are publishing in serial form an essay by Bruce Hendry on the existential crisis our nation is facing. The crisis has been caused by a dramatic shift to the left by one of our two main political parties. Tragically, the leaders of the Democrat Party seem to have learned nothing from the social catastrophes created by socialist illusions in the past century.

By declaring himself a socialist – although “communist” would more accurately reflect his lifelong commitments – presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has done our country an enormous favor. When the Berlin Wall came tumbling down in 1989, it ended a 72-year international civil war that liberated over a billion people from the chains of a totalitarian system. Yet there was a deafening and costly silence on the part of the victors over this historic result.

While millions in the former Soviet bloc gathered to praise President Reagan and America as the heroes of their liberation, western leaders were curiously mute. By the time the Wall fell, Reagan was no longer president. Under his successor, George H. W. Bush, there were no victory laps taken. No major events to celebrate the victory of the Free World or to drive home the lessons learned from this past – the bankrupting of whole continents, the engineering of famines in the Soviet Union, which had previously been the “bread basket of Europe,” the murder of more than 100 million people in peacetime for standing in the way of the socialist planners.

American leaders were too polite to emphasize these grim lessons of the socialist experiment. They did not want to embarrass our defeated enemies. This self-imposed silence allowed the progressive left to revive itself, and mount an attack on America again.

Bernie’s crusade has changed all this. By advancing an unreconstructed communist agenda to demonize the successful and creative members of our society, steal the fruits of their labor, and transfer all power to a central government – the Sanders candidacy has forced the nation to open the debate that weak-minded politicians had postponed for thirty years. With the Trump presidency and the revival of American patriotism, we are now witnessing a cornucopia of analyses and recovered histories of the most repressive and bloody regimes on human record, that credulous “revolutionaries” like Bernie Sanders produced.

Bruce Hendry’s analysis, which begins below, is we think an exceptionally valuable contribution to this vital discussion. Bruce is not a politician. He is a retired businessman who began from humble origins to become a highly successful investor and captain of industry. He embodies the American dream having earned his way to becoming the president and chairman of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad and Kaiser Steel. In other words he is one of the leaders of the economic revolution that has made America the envy of the world, and also the target of resentful and spiteful leftists who want to destroy it.

Bruce brings a unique perspective to this long overdue confrontation between America’s patriotic lovers of freedom and the reactionaries who want in Barack Obama’s words to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” into a totalitarian state. Bruce’s perspective is relentlessly focused on the bottom line: the real world disastrous effects of the left’s seductive pie-in-the-sky promises.

Since intimidation through language control, under the guise of political correctness, is the left’s principal weapon in these battles, the blunt attitude Bruce brings to the discussion, very much like the president’s, is a valuable lesson in how to fight this war in which we are engaged, and fight it to win.



Table of Contents:

1- Introduction

2- America is about…

3- Democrats are three separate groups

4- Democratic Ideals as a Religion

5- Big Lies

6- Guilt By Accusation

7- Islamic Immigration Is Like All Other Immigrations

8- Censorship

9- Democrat Voter Fraud in Minnesota

10- The U.S. Census

11- Democrats Abuse the Justice System

12- Democrats Use K-12 Schools and the Colleges to Indoctrinate the Young

13- Taxpayer Funding of Democrats

14- Immigration

15- Democrats are a Disaster for African Americans

16- Democrats Keep their Supporters Poor

17- Global Warming

18- The ‘Big Lie’ About Fox News

19- Economic Fundamentals.

20- Consequence of ignoring economic fundamentals

21- The Sorry History of Socialism

22- Review of the Mueller probe

23- Donald Trump

24- Conclusions

1. Introduction

I can’t play the piano, even though I have tried. I’m a failure at drawing. I can’t even draw a respectable stick person. My mind just doesn’t work that way.  I am, however, good at something that most people are not good at, and that is drawing information from many, sometimes unrelated sources to come up with a “big picture” understanding of a subject.  This has served me well and is largely responsible for a successful career. Much of what you are about to read comes from this special ability.

In this essay, I will show you that the United States and its Constitution is unique and special, and how Democrats threaten the very freedoms that are provided there, and how they are systematically trying to take away individual liberty and transferring that power to the government.

I will show you that the concerns that Democrats have for their special interest groups, like women, immigrants, Muslims, and gays are merely diversions—shiny objects meant to distract your attention from what is actually happening. I call this the “little picture” as it focuses the attention on the task, or subject at hand. In this essay, we will focus on the “Big Picture,”  which means that we’ll discover what is actually going on, away from the attention of the “little picture” group and where we are headed, as a nation.

I divide the Democratic universe into three main groups, and will show you how the Democratic  group that seeks power uses the other two Democratic groups without their knowledge of being used.

We will see that the ideology of the Democrats is more like a religion than a political party and how “human nature”, jealousy, anger and group-think psychology plays into their agenda.

We will discuss how Democrats use the “Big Lie”, personal attacks on their opponents and censorship [also know as “Politically Correct Speech], to silence their opponents and keep facts, logic and common sense from entering the discussion.

The Democrats are experts at using the legal system to achieve their goals, including a detailed look at how they use voter fraud in order to win close elections.

You will learn how Democrats use taxpayers’ funds as a huge source of income that is not available to Conservatives.

We will solve the mystery of why Democrats want to abolish ICE, the agency that catches immigrant criminals; have open borders;  and provide sanctuary cities for criminal immigrants.

You will learn how Democratic policies keep people poor and how Democrats have been a disaster for African Americans.

Lastly, we will explore the history of socialism and its connection to modern day Democrats and the dire consequences for all of us for ignoring basic economic principles.

In the ideal political system, the people who qualify by hard work and intelligence would rule, but in the real world, the powerful rule. This essay is an attempt to show you how Democrats want power and how they trample over the special freedoms that we have in America in order to get it.

All is not lost in our efforts to retain the freedoms that America has to offer and this will be an opportunity for you to understand how the Democrats lost both houses of Congress, 2/3’s of the state governorships,  and a thousand seats in the state legislatures during the Obama years.  What you are about to read will help you to understand Obama’s parting gift to the country – Donald Trump. Interesting that Democrats never discuss how we could elect such a disruptive personality as Donald Trump. Instead, they knit protest pink pussy hats, then march in big demonstrations, “resist,” and verbally attack those that disagree with them.

In America, voters can change any law that they don’t like. In some countries that is not possible and then the population will need to “resist” in order to change things. The Democrats are now “resisting” as if in an authoritarian regime. They are like children that didn’t get their way.

They verbally attack anyone connected with Trump on airplanes, in the theatre, at their homes, in restaurants and even shoot baseball players if they are Republicans. I thought that these appalling behaviors would reduce their appeal to voters, but in the 2018 elections they actually re-took the  U.S.House of Representatives.

I apologize in advance for being so brutally honest in this essay, but I couldn’t attack politically correct speech and then self censor myself as others do. You may disagree or even be angry with some of the conclusions, but I urge you to complete the essay—even read it twice to get the full meaning of what  is presented here. My goal in this essay is to get you, whether a liberal or a conservative, to look at the political debate through a different lens, rather than through the “accepted community standard,” which is presented by the media and does not allow for scrutiny, alternate views, and skeptical discussion.

Readers looking for things to criticize will take many of my examples and say that the views and conclusions are too simple and that the subject is much more complicated than what is presented here. I reject that criticism as the whole point of this exercise is to cut through fog of complications to get to the simple underlying truth of the subject we are discussing. I have found that people who truly understand a complicated subject can explain it in a simple way. That is my goal in this essay. It’s the difference between “little picture, shiny object distractions” and a “Big Picture” understanding of a subject.

All of the facts that you read about in this essay are true and if you doubt any of them, I invite you, actually encourage you to fact check them.

The recurring theme that you will see in this essay is philosophical battle between individual liberty, the kind of liberty that America has, and the attempt, by Democrats, to shift the power from the citizen to the government. Of course the Democrats hope to be in control of that government and thus have the power. It’s all about power, and that has remained the same throughout recorded history. This essay is about the battle between individual freedom and power. Let’s get started….

2. America is About

America has been about everyone being subject to the same laws, with no exceptions for being rich or poor. Everyone, from the beggar to the President is treated with blind justice for their misdeeds and everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.  America is about freedom of speech, not censorship as in “politically correct speech”. America is about the fair impartial administration of the law to all citizens. Adherence to “The Rule of Law” is what separates America with almost every other way to organize a society.These ideals of freedom are routinely attacked by the left.

America is about individual liberty where the citizen has the freedom to pursue any course of action that she wants as long as it does not harm someone else.  America was not founded on taking care of the less fortunate, it was founded upon giving the less fortunate a unique set of personal freedoms that allowed them to pursue their own dreams.  It protected the less fortunate, and everybody else, from the abuses of an all powerful government that Democrats want to create. It was founded upon the idea that free enterprise and not socialism is the better economic system.

The success of that “business plan” created unimaginable wealth and opportunity for our citizens.  Other countries have tried to emulate the United States, but none has succeeded as they all fall prey to the socialist idea that the role of government is to create equal outcomes and reject the American ideal that the role of government is to create equal opportunity. Because of this success, the whole world wants to come to America. That success, however,  creates an immigration problem for the United States as millions, actually billions of poor people would rather live in the United States than in their own country.

Taxes are one way to shift that power, taking money from those who earn it and then giving the government the authority to distribute it to their favored groups or individuals. Regulation is another way to take liberty from individuals and then give the authority to allow or disallow actions to government bureaucrats. Obviously, some licensing is necessary, but over zealous licensing is another way to take away your freedom and preserve the economic interests of those who benefit from the licensing.

Authoritarian governments, from the Communists to the Nazi’s, often disarmed their population as a way to take power away from their citizens and transfer it to the government. Democrats want to take guns away from Americans for the same reason – transferring power from the citizen to the government. Interesting to note that the average Democrat doesn’t understand this and thinks that guns, not governments, are the problem.

3. Democrats are Three Separate Groups

I will use the words “Democrats,” “Progressives,” the “Left,” “Democratic Socialist,”and “Socialist” interchangeably because they all spring from the same flawed intellectual foundation of using the power of the government to force equal outcomes rather than equal treatment and opportunity.

These are the three groups of people in the Democratic / Progressive universe:                                

Group One: the Progressives in your family or community that you personally know, are people with a big heart and a genuine concern for the less fortunate.                    

Group Two: is comprised mostly of politicians that take advantage and use the nice but clueless people in Group One whose interest is to gain and keep their power. These are the elite, they think that they are smarter than the rest of us.                                                                                                                  

Group Three: is the group that sells their vote to Democrats in return for government benefits.

This essay is a study in “human nature.” Over the centuries human nature has remained unchanged. We can look back to the first democracy in Athens 2,500 years ago and we find that our Group Two, the politicians, went to the Agora, the Greek meeting place, to energize Group One, the nice but clueless group to get the votes they needed to get and keep their power. They called Group One their “Idiocy” – their useful idiots.

How do the Group Two politicians use their kind-hearted but naive members of Group One? They come up with emotional issues that divert attention away from the real issue, the issue of power. Some of the “shiny objects” that today are used to divert the attention of Group One are Donald Trump; Russia- Russia-Russia; Stormy-Stormy- Stormy; the rich don’t pay their fair share; white people are racist; women are compensated less than men; Brett Kavanaugh; immigrant children being held by ICE in cages; [it’s actually the U.S. Border Control that separates the children, but no matter about the facts, the emotion is there and that’s the whole point of Group two diverting the attention of Group One].

Plato had a vision of compassion and fairness for Athenian citizens 2,500 years ago which he called the rule of a “philosopher king”. The philosopher king would have absolute power, but he would use that power for the benefit of his subjects and not for personal gain. Unfortunately, this vision is not achievable in the real world, and even Plato, in his own lifetime learned that the wonderful world envisioned by a fair, competent and compassionate king doesn’t exist. It’s an imaginary world that’s not informed or modified by the realities of human nature or by the lessons of history.

In sum: the politicians Group Two use the good hearted caring people of Group One to get elected, and then once in power, use money collected from taxpayers to provide benefits to Group Three in exchange for their votes and financial support. This is a simple and effective plan that Democrats have used for decades to get and keep power.

In the end, progressive politics is not about poor people, or illegal immigration, or racism, as these issues are merely shiny objects that Democrats use to energize their base and to distract them from what is actually happening which is their quest for power at the expense of the unique set of personal freedoms that made America the envy of the world.

Democrats use public money, in the form of welfare dollars, to buy votes but at the same time create dependencies of the recipients that keep them poor. I don’t for a minute think that most well meaning Democrats actually plan to keep people poor in order to create a class of voters that will continue to vote for them, but that’s how it works out.  Poor people primarily vote Democrat, and if all voters suddenly became wealthy, the Democrats would be in trouble. Keeping people poor is actually good for our Group Two Democratic politicians.

In the history of the world, socialism has never worked, but nevertheless, it keeps being tried, under different names, over the centuries. I believe that it represents a deep human nature yearning for safety and fairness. [accent added]

A child wants safety and fairness while growing up and gives up her personal freedoms to her parents in exchange for these things. The parents have expectations and rules and although some of these expectations and rules seem unfair, the child understands that the parents are wiser, stronger and are making rules in the best interest of the child. Democrats, Progressives, the Left, and Socialists offer the same ideological comfort.

To get to that imaginary world of compassion and fairness, the citizens, like the child growing up in her parents’ household, need to give up some of their personal freedoms. You need to give the power to the government to force those who don’t agree with it to comply. The government, so empowered by leveling taxes and by government regulation can force the equality that is desired by the Left. The problem is that there has never been a consistently smart compassionate government that will be equally fair to all of its citizens for all time. That’s an imaginary world that doesn’t exist because in the real world people in power take care of themselves, and their family first and next in line are their friends and their financial supporters. That’s the real world – that’s human nature. Look at both the Clintons and Obama entering politics as paupers and leaving wealthy.

The overwhelming focus of Democrats on race and gender issues has baffled me for years. Also I was mystified by the conformity of thought among Democrats.  Every progressive Democrat that I know has identical opinions on all of the major issues like abortion; gay marriage; public service unions; immigration; racial issues; gun control; gender equity; Donald Trump; the wall; global warming; Fox news; Rush Limbaugh: Islam and so forth. I call this mysterious uniformity “group-think”. David Horowitz, the well known conservative writer, explained to me that the uniformity of opinion and the focuses of the Democrats is actually a form of secular religion.