Guilt By Accusation


Source: Front Page Mag, by Bruce Hendry, March 5, 2020

How Democrats use the tactics of Stalin’s prosecutors.

6. Guilt By Accusation.

Brett Kavanaugh is an outstanding jurist who was nominated by Donald Trump to the U.S. Supreme Court. Nothing from his judicial past could be seriously be challenged by the Democrats, so at the exact moment when it would cause the most damage, they charged him with groping Christine Blasey Ford at a party 37 years before, when he was all of 15 years old.

Ford, couldn’t initially remember in what year it happened, although she eventually decided on 1982, or where it occurred, or how she got to the party or home from the party.  She did remember the names of four people that were at the party, including her best girlfriend.  Not one of those four people, including her own girlfriend, remember the incident. Her girlfriend said that she had never met Brett Kavanaugh.

End of story, right?  To any fair minded person this woman is either mentally unbalanced or a liar, and the fact that this accusation was withheld for 37 years and then made at the precise moment that would cause the most damage to the Supreme Court nominee would strike any normal person as being staged. The Democrats, both Group Two Democrats, the politicians and Group One Democrats, the loyal but clueless big hearted group rallied behind this ridiculous and destructive tale.

“Guilty until proven innocent;” “she wouldn’t lie because she’s a woman;” “If you don’t believe her, you are insulting every woman that has been sexually assaulted;” they said. But to believe Christine Ford one would also have to believe that every accusing woman always tells the truth and that every accused man lies.

In a “how to sell” seminar one learns about the “assumptive close.” One assumes that the other party agrees with one’s assumption without actually talking about it, then one proceeds to the close. The assumption here was that if Brett Kavanaugh dry humped a girl when he was 15 years old, then 37 years later, as an adult, he would be disqualified from any responsible position. There is no evidence that he did such a thing, but even if he did, as a teenager, that certainly would not in itself disqualify him for responsible positions for the rest of his life. That’s ridiculous. But that’s what the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee argued.

Millions of Democratic supporters ignored the basic legal principle of innocent until proven guilty. Without a shred of corroborating evidence they judged Kavanaugh guilty by accusation. This was reminiscent of what Stalin’s prosecutors did in the infamous Moscow show trials. It’s frightening to think that this tactic is being used today, successfully, by Democrats, in America.  The self-deception and group-think in this very large group of Americans was frightening to watch.

7. Islamic Immigration Is Like All Other Immigrations.

The idea that Islamic immigration is just like all of the other immigrants is100% wrong. The National press and Democrats have a double standard when it comes to Islam. Islam is permitted to be against Jews and Christians, but Jews and Christians cannot be against Islam. When Ilhan Omar, the Muslim congresswoman from Minnesota’s 5th district accused Jews of being traitors and buying the Democrat Party, nothing happened to her; but when Judge Jeanine Pirro, a Fox news host returned the fire with a speech that was true, she got suspended from her show. 

The Koran make it very clear why Islam is a danger to any non-Islamic society. If Islamic immigrants only brought their religion with them, then I would not be writing this, but Islam is also a political and military doctrine. Religion in Islam cannot be separated from politics and the military – they come as part of the package. Islam is different than other religions in that it is a total way of life that includes the mission to subdue all other religions and establish a global Islamic Caliphate by any means necessary. Islam includes a Constitution establishing Sharia Law. Muslims consider the Koran to be the final revelation of God. Islamic law touches on virtually every aspect of life and society, from banking and welfare, to family life, holy war against infidels. the environment, and how many times a man can shake his penis after he urinates, and which direction a person must face when she defecates. Because the Qur’an is considered the unarguable and final word of God, nothing in it can ever be changed or updated.

The word “Islam” does not mean “peace”, as the liberals seem to think but “submission.” The rationale for Islam meaning “peace” is that if everybody in the world submits to Islam then there will be peace. Islam actually means violence to subdue the world for Allah, and only then peace. Islam does not allow for the “corrupt” western ideas of democracy, freedom, tolerance and equality. It’s easier to understand Islam if you substitute the literal translation of “Islam” into the 5 Pillars of the faith. For instance the 1st Pillar of Islam “ becomes “The First Pillar of Submission.” Christianity is about being a good person; Islam is about being an obedient Muslim. 

What, you may ask, is the cultural battle that has been waged by Islam against the West for the last 1,400 years? It’s virtually everything that we hold dear in a free western society. Here are the Islamic values that the progressive left is so intent on protecting:

Censored Speech: Islam forbids freedom of speech, and speaking against Islam, Mohammed or Allah is called blasphemy and is punishable by death. In ancient times Jews and Christians had similar rules, but Islam has them today and, every Saturday, beheadings, stoning to death and amputations are carried out in the public square in major cities in Saudi Arabia.

Islam Uber Alles. The Koran is very precise in dividing the world into, Dar al-Islam, “the house of peace” and Dar al-Harb, the “house of war” which is the rest of the world that is waiting to be conquered by Islam. Leaving Islam for another religion is punishable by death.

Subordination of Women: In the West, we value women’s rights. In Islam, the women are considered property, to be controlled by their father before they are married and by their husband after they are married. Every woman is subject to a wali, a male guardian. She requires his permission to do almost anything of importance. Yet the head of the so-called Women’s March, Linda Sarsour is a Muslim, and a strong advocate of the Shari’a  laws that keep women in their place.

Theocratic Dictatorship: The American idea of the separation of church and state is anathema to Islam. In Islam, religion and state are one.

Political Submission: The right to vote and to choose your own political leaders and to create and enforce your own laws is condemned by Islam as a corrupt western idea.

Inequality under the law:  In Islam, men have more rights than women, and Muslims have more rights than non-Muslims.

I think the easiest way to understand Islam is to understand that this is a cult conceived of by a brilliant individual named Mohammad centered around himself. It is not that different from other cults in which the adherents were willing to kill and or die for their master. In Islam today there are innocent victims that are killed somewhere in the world every day in the name of Islam, and those Islamic killers are victims too, they are victims of the Islamic cult which not only allows for this kind of violence but also encourages it through the teachings of the Koran and the Islamic concept of holy war or jihad.

The Koran instructs its believers to convert the whole world to Islam and they have done a pretty good job of it over the centuries. Now, in addition to exploiting western values of democracy and inclusion to their own advantage they have another potent weapon, much more dangerous than the suicide bombers – the weapon of demographics, of their birth rate. Pew research reports that the Islamic birth rate is the highest of any religion in the world and is 2x that of the world at large – even more when considering the low birth rates of United States or Europe. In many countries, France and Israel come to mind, the Muslims will eventually be the largest number of voters and then they can and will take over the country at the ballot box.

We in the United States should be worried about Islam because there has never been a time in history that Islamic authorities taught the equality of non-Muslims with Muslims, and there has always been, with no historical interruption, Jihad, the Holy war against the Infidel. 

8. Censorship.

How, you ask, can Democrats get by with their lies? There are many reasons, but political correctness and the censorship of opposing ideas in both the university culture and the nation’s corrupt press are two of the most important.  

Wikipedia says that politically correct speech “is used to describe language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid offense or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society.” In other words, you cannot say what you observe or what the actual facts would suggest if it offends a protected group. Political correctness (censorship) keeps an honest discussion from happening. This is particularly prevalent when talking about racial issues. 

For instance, the black kids in a St. Paul school were getting suspended at greater rates than white kids, so a policy went out in the school district not to suspend the black kids. What wasn’t said, what you couldn’t say, is that black kids did more things that required suspension than the white kids. When a black male teacher at the school actually said that, he was fired. In Florida a mentally disturbed student “of color” accumulated a laundry list of infractions, including violent attacks that merited suspension and investigation. But because he was the member of a protected group, nothing was done. He eventually murdered 17 people in one of the country’s largest school shootings.

Politically correct speech is enforced, not by a logical thoughtful response based on facts, but by a personal attacks on the offender and penalties that can be career-ending.  This tactic is so effective that even the black teacher in the St. Paul school was not protected from being fired for saying the truth. The policy of treating minority youth as an endangered species actually hurts them in the long run. Being exempt from punishment for bad behavior only encourages more bad behavior and more serious bad behavior, which eventually will have consequences.

Political correctness is a term that was coined by the Communist dictator and mass murderer MaoZedong to keep party members in line. It has been revived by the political Left to stifle discussion on issues that they cannot defend with facts, common sense or logic. For instance, you can’t say things like IQ tests on African-Americans, as a group, over the last fifty years have consistently shown that as a group, they are 15 points below the median. That’s a fact. It’s true. You can easily look up this fact for yourself, but you can’t actually say it because of the politically correct rules. If you even talk about that disparity, you will be labeled a racist and as a result, that important fact is never brought into the discussion on how to improve the opportunities for African-American youth. Ignoring important facts like this and pretending that they don’t exist means that educational improvement for the African American community will never happen.  Insisting on politically correct speech on this issue, which is meant to protect Black Americans, actually makes them victims. 

According to the politically correct, blacks are discriminated against by the white establishment and incarcerated at much higher rates by a racist criminal justice system. To suggest otherwise makes you a racist.  Whites, and all Americans, both black and white, have reasons to be wary of young black men.  78% of inner city black men have grown up in a household that did not have the moderating influence of a married adult male figure living with them. 75% of black males [in Minneapolis and I presume in other large urban areas] have not graduated from high school. 

No wonder, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Statistics report, African American men between the ages of 19-35 who constitute 1.3% of the US population committed 50% of the violent crimes in 2015.  Juveniles, ages 13-18 are not included in these figures, so the actual exact number, which I don’t have, is probably worse. 

These facts are easily verified on the FBI’s Uniform Crime statistics, which breaks out violent crime by race.  Because of the pc censorship one cannot refer to these realities without being blasted as a racist and excluded from the discussion about race and racial equality. 

The “race card” is regularly deployed by Democrats and their supporters to silence their opposition. Whites are accused of being “racist” and yet 97% of African-Americans will vote for a black person like Obama who had virtually no credentials for any job, much less President of the United States. Can you imagine a white man, the same age, with exactly the same credentials and work experience being elected President of the United States? Of course not. Who then is actually racist? 

I don’t think most white Americans are racist in terms of judging a person based on the color of their skin. I do think white Americans judge the black community, as a whole, based on their dysfunctional culture of violence, being on welfare and having the majority of their children out of wedlock. This, of course, produces dysfunctional children who create many of our social and criminal problems. It’s not about the color of a persons skin. It’s about culture.  Inner city black culture is different from the middle class culture of whites, Asians and other minorities, and while political correctness enforces silence on these issues, most people are aware of them.

The politically correct claim that women earn less money than men for the same work and skill sets. One can’t say that pay for women is lower than men’s pay for a reason, which is that women get pregnant, raise children and seek jobs with more flex time for less pay. Because of the training needed for most executive level jobs, women have less long term potential for a firm than an equally qualified male. When experience and the time at the job are factored in, women actually make slightly more than men.

If one dares to mention these facts, he (or she) will be labeled a sexist. Consequently, no discussion occurs on this subject and so the fiction that there is a grave social injustice being perpetrated on women can become a centerpiece of the Democrat Party’s platform. 

If it was true that women make less than men for the same job, then a profit minded manager would fire all of the men and replace them with lower cost women. That doesn’t happen, of course, because it isn’t true.

Hate Speech. Progressives have invented a new category of speech which they call “hate speech,” which they say falls outside of the protection of the First Amendment. Of course, they get to decide what “hate speech” is. Google and Facebook have taken it upon themselves to remove “hate speech” from their services, which in many cases is just mainstream conservative thought based on the facts just discussed, which are politically incorrect. This illustrates the problem of controlling “hate speech,” as it gives the persons or groups the authority to shut down ideas that they don’t like, and hide facts that are inconvenient.

The Amerian Civil Liberties Union used to be a protector of free speech, no matter how abhorrent it was to the listener, but recently two hundred ACLU employees signed a letter complaining that the group’s “broader mission” was being undermined by a “rigid stance” on free speech. Even Alan Dershowitz, the former President of the ACLU, has come to the conclusion that the ACLU has dropped their free speech mandate in order to assist Democrats.

Democrats represent the groups that benefit financially from the government. Raising taxes is a good thing for them as it gives them the ability to buy more votes. Raising taxes at the State level to a point that taxpayers leave the State in order to escape those taxes would seem like a bad bargain for that state, and indeed it is, but it also gets rid of those citizens that have the financial ability to oppose Democrats. 

This kind of tax policy is bad for the State. It’s bad for those who feel they have to leave the State, and it’s bad for those who stay because they lose good citizens and they lose the taxes they used to pay. But it’s politically good for for Democrats. It’s the ultimate censorship: getting rid of those that would vote against you. Remember, for the progressive left it isn’t about helping people; it’s about using people to get what you really want: power. Throughout history, from Alexander the Great until today, it’s about power.

Without freedom of speech, we are not free. Lots of places have market economies and democratic forms of government. Only the United States has the guarantee of free expression. It’s what sets America apart. Freedom of speech doesn’t exist for the sake of those in power, it exists to safeguard the rights of the unpopular and those out of step. There is nothing more infuriating to a ruling class than contrary opinions. But free speech becomes a meaningless concept in a world where there is only one permissible set of political views, as in our colleges and – increasingly – K-12 schools. 

Anyone  brave enough to challenge the core beliefs of the Left with facts logic or common sense is met with personal attacks on them and their family. Both Maxine Waters, a prominent Democrat and Hillary Clinton are advising Democrats to “ get into the face of Republicans, follow them into restaurants, theaters and their places of business and harass them”. Hillary says that we can’t respect Republicans because of their wicked philosophy.

Mis-led by such leaders, many Americans under the age of thirty don’t believe in unfettered free speech. According to a recent Pew survey, 40% of millennials think the government should have the power to ban statements that might be offensive to minority groups. This is an ominous sign for America’s future.

Bruce Hendry is a retired businessman who began from humble origins to become a highly successful investor and captain of industry. He embodies the American dream having earned his way to becoming the president and chairman of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad and Kaiser Steel. He is one of the leaders of the economic revolution that has made America the envy of the world, and also the target of resentful and spiteful leftists who want to destroy it.

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