The U.S. Census, Illegals – and Counting Congressional Seats


Source: Front Page Mag, By Bruce Hendry, March 10, 2020

The real reason a state like California treats its illegal immigrants with so much respect.

Editors’ note: Below is Part 5 of a new essay written by Bruce Hendry: Democrats, Progressives and Socialists. Stay tuned for the ensuing chapters. [See links to previous chapters below this article].

10. The U.S. Census.

The U.S. census is held every 10 years in order to count people, not citizens, and to then allocate congressional seats based on the count.

There are at least 22 million legal non-citizens and 12 million illegal immigrants in our country or 10.4% of our population of 330 million. They are all non-citizens who will be counted in the census for the purpose of reallocating the 435 U.S. House seats. This means that 34 U.S. congressional seats will be attributed to non-citizens. Minnesota, by comparison, gets just eight congressional seats.

This system of counting helps sanctuary states like California gain more congressional seats than if only citizens were counted because of their large illegal alien populations. No wonder California treats their illegal immigrants with such respect, as those illegals get them additional congressional house seats and all of the power and Federal money that comes along with those seats.

At different times in our past, a question on citizenship has been included on the census, but when the Commerce Department announced plans to ask that question on the 2020 census it brought a storm of left-wing protests and lawsuits from New York State and California to stop that question from being asked.

There are some — even many — people, like me, however, who think that non-citizens should not be represented in the United States Congress, and states that encourage illegal entry into our country should not be the beneficiary of federal largess for them.

11. Democrats Abuse the Justice System.

Justice in America is supposed to be blind with no tipping of its scales. Everybody is supposed to be treated equally. That’s the theory, but not the practice. Prominent Democrats regularly get special treatment, which puts them “above the law.”

Of the many examples that a figure like Hillary Clinton provides, I choose the recent example of the congressional subpoena she received, requesting her e-mail records as Secretary of State. After she received the subpoena, she erased 33,000 e-mails, then bleach-bit (erased) the hard drives and hammered the devices into junk. In all likelihood, the information on her private server was government business, which is a felony; destroying government property (the e-mails) is another felony; and destroying subpoenaed information is yet another felony. Moreover, transferring classified emails to a non-government, non-secure server, which she did, is a violation of the Espionage Act.

Anyone with a brain in her head would conclude that she destroyed those e-mails because of the connection between her government position and money “contributed” to the Clinton Foundation. In one documented incident, Hillary shepherded the approval of Russia’s purchase of a 20% interest in United States Uranium Mining Company. Later, a “donation” of $145 million went to the Clinton Foundation by the very same Russians that got approval to buy the Uranium investment. It’s called “pay for play.” Or bribery.

The FBI was sent to investigate Hillary, but then deposed her without putting her under oath, or videotaping the deposition. This means that she can’t be prosecuted for lying as she could’ve been if she lied under oath or simply lied to the FBI. That doesn’t happen to ordinary people. For instance, famed TV personality Martha Stewart went to prison, not for any deed, but for lying under oath. Ditto General Flynn, who had the misfortune to work for a Republican White House.

The investigation of Hillary was started in the FBI field office and for the first time in FBI history, according to Wayne Kaufmann, an FBI agent friend of mine, the investigation was pulled up to the main office in Washington that is staffed by political appointees. Not surprisingly, the Washington office found that Hillary might have been careless, but did nothing to constitute a criminal offense. It turns out that the Clinton memo exonerating her was written before the “investigation” was actually started.

Hillary Clinton should have been charged. She got away with things no other American would ever get away with: mishandling top-secret intelligence, putting it on an outside server, clearly a violation of the Espionage Act, and obstructing justice by destroying those subpoenaed emails and destroying the email devices with a hammer.

Another example of special treatment for special (Democratic) people is Jesse Jackson, the so-called minister who has been conducting a shakedown operation for years. Everybody knows that he does it—it’s no secret—but he is bulletproof for three reasons: one, he’s a prominent Democrat; two, he’s black; and three, the mainly Democrat press corps glorifies rather than investigates him.

As a “minister,” Jackson has a tax-exempt “church” organization to collect money. Jackson will go to a large public company like Coca-Cola and demand a tax-deductible contribution to his church in return for not organizing a boycott against Coca-Cola products calling the company “racist.” His “church,” loaded with these kinds of protection monies, then pays Jackson a huge salary and provides him with a private jet to carry out his national mission. This is similar to the protection rackets the mob profits from in Chicago, Jackson’s home.

Obama used his presidential powers to limit immigration; separate children from their parents at the Mexican border and use tear gas to control crowds, all of which Democrats damn Trump for doing — because he is Trump. The national press weighs in on all these issues and writes “shiny object” stories against Trump and takes pictures of little children and their mothers in great distress. They did no such coverage when the exact same events occurred in the Obama administration.

Democrats appoint judges that will make political decisions rather than decisions based on the law. I’m not saying that all judges appointed by Democrats do this or the ones that do, do it all the time, but it’s a big problem.

In June 2018, the majority opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court, some five judges, decided in “Trump vs. Hawaii” that the law was clear and unambiguous that the President has the right to limit immigration. The law is so simple and clear, you can read it for yourself and don’t need a law degree to understand the plain language of the authority.

The Democrat minority on the Supreme Court said in effect, “We know that the law gives the president the right to limit immigration, but we didn’t like what Trump said on the campaign trail and therefore we think he can’t limit immigration as the law provides.” The minority opinion in “Trump vs. Hawaii “ is frightening because the entire Democratic minority on the U.S. Supreme Court was willing to disregard the law to reach a political result.

Another example is a Ponzi scheme court hearing about defrauding investors that I was involved in. I was the largest investor and the last person to be defrauded. My funds were used to pay off the previous investors, some of whom had already received all of their money back. I asked Donovan Frank, a liberal judge, to return my funds first since I put my money in last, or at least not to pay the previous investors that had already gotten all of their money back. He refused my request, saying that the previous investors were small investors and they needed the money. He said that I could afford the loss. I realized that an appeal to his decision would be costly for me and fruitless too.

For decades the left has effected its agendas with the fine print in legislation and contracts. Conservatives didn’t even know that it was happening. For instance, public schoolteachers in Minnesota were required to belong to a union in order to have a job, so there wasn’t a real need to have a restrictive covenant about the notice period required to leave the union, but there was a restrictive covenant anyway.

When the Supreme Court said this year that teachers no longer need to be in a union in order to keep their jobs, we found out that teachers were restricted about leaving the union and may quit the union only one time per year, for one week in September.

Chain migration is another example. It sounds reasonable and fair to allow the family of a legal immigrant to join him, and so that idea became the law. Here’s the problem. Africa is still a tribal society and letting one person into the United States with the idea that all of his relatives can join him is an invitation for the entire country to be admitted.

12. Democrats Use K-12 Schools and Colleges to Indoctrinate the Young.

We’ve known for years that college professors lean left, but now they have taken over the universities and colleges and have dropped any pretense of being politically neutral. There are so many leftist college professors now that they make up the majority of those on the hiring and tenure committees. In other words, the only professors who make tenure or get hired in most modern colleges are Democrats. Students learn quickly not to question the political leanings of their professors. My friend Bob Fulton, himself a left-leaning professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota for his whole academic career, says that there is no science in the social science departments at the University any longer, only indoctrination. That’s how far this sordid process has gone.

Leftist indoctrination of young minds is the rule in the public school system as well. Edina, Minnesota, has been known as one of the best school districts in the state and recognized nationally for its academic excellence. No more. The left has taken control of the school board and the school system has re-focused its curricula away from academics to social justice issues such as racism and white privilege. Meanwhile, its academic standards have fallen off the map.

An eight-year-old granddaughter came home from the Edina, Minnesota, school telling her mom that “ she learned in school today that she should be ashamed of her white skin, and that she wishes she had black skin so that she could help those people.” Her ten-year-old sister found a quarter on the car floor and said to her parents, “Oh, George Washington is on the quarter! We learned in school that he was a bad person because he had slaves.” These two stories just scratch the surface of what’s happening in the Edina school system, and unfortunately the indoctrination is not limited to just a few schools, but from what I can tell, widespread through the university and K-12 systems nationally.

141 students, including the three grandchildren we were talking about, left the Edina school system this academic year because of the falling academic standards and the political indoctrination of the students. Mary, the youngest and perhaps the smartest of the three children, was going to stay in the Edina schools one more year because of the outstanding teacher she was going to get the next year, but in a conference with that teacher Mary’s parents were confidentially advised that “Edina is no place to have a gifted student.” Mary left too.

13. Taxpayer Funding of Democrats.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a strong supporter of private sector unions. He felt that they leveled the playing field between the powerful owners and their workers. He did not, however, approve of and was very much against public sector – or government — unions because he felt if they were allowed to form, they would organize politically and then elect the very people with whom they would be negotiating wages and benefits. He correctly saw the huge conflict of interest that public sector bargaining would represent.

The Democratic effort to support federal public sector unions occurred with the “Civil Service Reform Act of 1978.” What FDR feared actually occurred. As an example, the State of Illinois is technically bankrupt because of the overly-generous pensions garnered from weak politicians for the teachers and other Illinois public service employees. A friend of mine is a former Cook County Prosecutor. He retired at full salary and gets an automatic guaranteed 3% increase every year and now makes substantially more in retirement than when he was a full-time government employee. At his age he can expect to live another 20 years and get another doubling of his generous retirement benefits. Thank you, Illinois taxpayers. And Democrats.

I have to admire how Democrats use taxpayers’ money to finance their elections. In Minnesota the teachers union is by far the most powerful political force, and they only support Democrats. Democrats in turn support the teachers unions. The kids are a distant afterthought.

Public school teachers are government employees that work in government schools. 100% of their salary, and therefore their union dues, comes from taxpayers. All of this taxpayer money flows to teachers, then to their union, and then to the Democratic party.

Minnesota’s teachers union, Education Minnesota, collects about $57 million in dues each year. It takes an estimated $37 million to run the union and therefore, the remaining $20 million is available to give to left-wing PACs, hire lobbyists, knock on doors, and generally support Democrats in elections. Add to the huge gulf in financial resources between the parties, the potential of having 55,000 teachers placing political signs in their yards and their boots on the ground, and you have a formidable political machine that has dominated Minnesota politics for decades.

“Education Minnesota” is not focused exclusively on collective bargaining or serving its teacher members; it is a largely a Democratic political operation with little daylight between the union and the Party.

There is a huge conflict of interest with teachers and other public service unions that is widely known but never talked about. The conflict of organizing your union with taxpayer dollars, and then electing the public officials that you bargain wages and benefits with, is extreme. In the Saint Paul school district the median teacher salary, with benefits, is $100,000 and the contract calls for 1,040 hours of work. The contracted number of hours barely exceeds the Federal standard of being classed as a part-time worker at 1,000 hours per year. The 1,040 hours of work includes an hour of “prep time” and 1/2 hour for lunch. But that doesn’t stop the teachers unions from crying that their members are underpaid and the main problem causing falling test scores is lack of funds.

Our universities have become a citadel of left-wing thought and instruction are largely financed by taxpayers, either through grants from states and the federal government and from taxpayer-supported student loans.

There is also a huge differential of outside campaign money coming into Minnesota. In the 2016 election, $5,347,000 came into Minnesota from outside sources. Democrats received 82% of that and Republicans 18%. Democrats say that Republicans are the party of the rich. It has been a long time since that was true. But with their fleecing of the taxpayers, Democrats have the vast advantage in money to use on elections. In 2016, Hillary outspent Trump by a factor of 2 to 1. In contrast to Democrats, Republicans are paupers. At the start of the 2018 political season, Minnesota’s Republican Party was  $750,000 in debt from the last election.

In the 2018 race for Senate, Amy Klobuchar, the Democrat, raised $10,500,000, receiving $7,430,000 from sources outside of the state. Her Republican opponent raised $257,000. Ilhan Omar, a Democrat, raised $1,000,000 for her successful run for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district. Her Republican challenger raised just $23,000.

Republicans have no comparable source of funds as the taxpayer-financed Democrats and as a result Democrats vastly outspend Republicans in all Minnesota elections.

Bruce Hendry is a retired businessman who began from humble origins to become a highly successful investor and captain of industry. He embodies the American dream having earned his way to becoming the president and chairman of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad and Kaiser Steel. He is one of the leaders of the economic revolution that has made America the envy of the world, and also the target of resentful and spiteful leftists who want to destroy it.

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