Donald Trump: A War Hero


Thank you, Mr. President.

Source: Front page Mag, By Bruce Hendry, March 20, 2020

Editors’ note: Below is Part 9, the final part, of a new essay written by Bruce Hendry: Democrats, Progressives and Socialists. [See links to previous chapters below this article].

22. The Mueller Probe.

The Mueller investigation of whether Donald Trump or his associates colluded with the Russians to help him win the 2016 presidential election is finished. The story of this investigation is a living, current example of Alinsky-inspired Democratic tactics and is worth examining here.

The Mueller probe is perhaps the greatest political hoax in U.S. history.

Two parties conspiring to do an illegal act is a crime. Collusion is what we all do every day when talking with each other, and is not a crime. The press and their Democratic allies were careful not to use the word “conspiracy” in the charges because they knew from the beginning that there was no conspiracy, although in their attacks on Trump they used these terms interchangeably, and so in the public’s mind one was the same as the other. If they could get to prove the easier, but legal, charge of collusion, talking to Russians, they would have gained big political points that could be used against President Trump in the next election.

In summary, the Mueller report said three main things:

1. There was no collusion or conspiracy between Trump or his associates with Russia on the 2016 election.

2. There will be no more indictments from Mueller’s Special Council office.                                          

3. Mueller could not exonerate Trump on whether he obstructed justice, but decided to leave that decision to William Barr, the U.S. Attorney General. But as Special Counsel, Mueller does not have the authority to “exonerate” anyone. That language was just a political stunt leaped on by the Left like a hungry trout.

If “collusion” is not a crime, and it isn’t, then what was the point of the Mueller investigation? From the Democrats’ point of view, there were three main reasons for the inquiry, and as will be seen, all of their expectations were realized. Even though some individual Democrats, like Adam Schiff and some of the national media, like CNN, look stupid now for their support for the hoax over the last two and a half years, the exercise was a great success for the Democrats as a party.

Reason #1.

This is the main reason for the probe: to create a “shiny object” to distract the public from an actual conspiracy centered on Hillary Clinton. While Secretary of State, Hillary made a deal with five Russian oligarchs to sell them 20% of the U.S. uranium production. In return, the Clinton Foundation received a tax-free donation of $145 million. I went onto the IRS web site to see what this and other donations looked like on the IRS’s form 990PF. Here’s what I found:

In 2014, the Clinton Foundation took in $180 million. Just $4 million went to charitable activities. The rest was used for travel and other expenses – in other words, for building the Clinton’s political machine. The Clinton Foundation was nothing more than a tax-free vehicle to collect money from foreign states or entities, and other players in return for favors that Clinton could provide as Secretary of State or as President. In other words, quid pro quos – or bribes.

The Trump investigation did indeed switch the national press’s focus off the Clinton Foundation to the Trump inquiry. A Democratic success.

Reason # 2.

Send a warning to anyone helping Trump that they may have their lives destroyed by the Federal government. This was done by indicting Trump’s friends and associates, even though none of them committed the crime of conspiracy or the act of collusion. Their crimes were not related to the official purpose of the inquiry, but they were very effective in warning others that helping Trump could destroy their lives. This message was loud and clear, and a huge success for Democrats.

Reason # 3.

Bob Mueller could have ended this national nightmare with his report, but he didn’t. In fact, he sowed the seeds for a continuation of it by leaving it up to Attorney General Barr to decide on the obstruction of justice issue. Barr was recently appointed by Trump to the inevitable chorus of Democrats claiming Barr was Trump’s pawn and accomplice. Lost in the shouting on this issue was that Mueller found no crime of collusion or conspiracy. How can someone “obstruct justice” if there was no crime, and therefore nothing to obstruct? Of course the press refused to raise this obvious question and echoed the Democrats’ attacks on Barr.


It’s important to review how and why this inquiry got started. It started when the Clinton Campaign hired a company, Fusion GPS, to do opposition research on the Trump campaign. Fusion came up with false stories of Trump or his associates meeting with the Russians and many other lies. This false and unverified dossier was used by the Obama DOJ to get wiretaps to spy on the Trump campaign. None of the reasons for the inquiry was true. But their falsehoods were used to get the FISA court’s permission to spy on Donald Trump and to provide a rationale for the the Mueller investigation itself. It was all lies and deceit and Mueller must have known about it, as anyone who watched Fox News did, early in his investigation.

Mueller hired 19 lawyers to be on his team. Public records show that every one of them contributed to the Clinton campaign or to the Clinton Foundation or to both. His team was not an impartial group looking for the truth, but a highly partisan political group, armed with the power of the subpoena to dig up dirt on President Trump. It was a witch hunt. Mueller was aided in his malicious quest by an army of journalists, all over the world, looking for the same thing.

Treason is a capital offense, punishable by death. James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence appointed by Obama, John Brennan, the former head of the CIA appointed by Obama, and James Comey head of the FBI, appointed by Obama, all accused Trump of treason, claiming that because of their connections and knowledge they knew facts about the Russian investigation that would confirm that charge. They were lying. But those sinister lies were repeatedly reported on CNN and MSNBC as “facts.”

Mueller doesn’t get any credit for finding “no collision.” He knew early on that Trump was innocent, but he spent $35 million of taxpayer money, used 19 highly partisan lawyers and took two and a half years to find something, anything that could be used against Trump. Trump never colluded or conspired with the Russians. Trump knew that about himself, as did Mueller.

Mueller couldn’t just make it up that Trump colluded; he would need some evidence which two and a half years of inquiry failed to turn up. He had no choice other than the choice he took — no collusion. No conspiracy. He should not get any credit at all for that finding.

Mueller is not one of the good guys;he’s a political animal without a moral compass. He did what he could to help the Democratic establishment overthrow a duly-elected president. In the process, he exacerbated the deep divide in this country by leading the greatest political hoax in modern history.

23. Democrats’ Impeachment Charade.

The Spanish Inquisition sought to flush out heretics — those who didn’t have the same religious beliefs as the Inquisitors. If the heretic did not confess, torture and execution were inescapable. Heretics weren’t allowed to face accusers, received no counsel, and were often victims of false accusations. Sounds a lot like what the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives did to Donald Trump in their impeachment hearings, doesn’t it?

The Inquisitors tortured their victims until they confessed to thinking false thoughts about the true religion. Once the confession was obtained, the torture stopped and the confessors were executed, usually by burning them at the stake for their thought crimes.

While Joe Biden was the Vice President of the United States and specifically appointed by President Obama to be in charge of U.S./Ukrainian relations, his son Hunter landed a no-show job on the Board of Burisma, a corrupt Ukrainian energy company at one million dollars a year board fee. Looks bad, right?

President Trump asked the new Ukrainian President about this transaction, as he should have, and was then impeached by a Democratic House for asking this perfectly legitimate question about possible misconduct by the prior administration. 

The Democratic allegation was that Trump abused his power, as President, against a domestic political opponent, Joe Biden. The Democrats apparently thought that running for president as a Democrat exempts one from any questions about past crimes and misdemeanors.

Democrats admit that in the end there wasn’t an investigation into possible Biden corruption and that an alleged threat to withhold military aid to the Ukraine unless Biden was investigated was never carried out. The military aid arrived on time and on schedule. In other words, no quid pro quo.

Although there wasn’t an actual “crime,” Democrats claim that there was the thought of doing harm, a crime in terms of what Trump was thinking. In other words, a thought crime like in the Spanish Inquisition. A thought crime for which President Trump and the whole nation had to endure the impeachment process.

The idea that a U.S. President should be removed from office, for the first time in U.S history, for a thought crime was ridiculous. The fact that almost all Democrats actually voted to impeach Trump for his purported thought crime tells you volumes about who modern Democrats are and why we should be concerned, actually frightened, about them regaining power.

quid pro quo means that I’ll do something for you if you do something for me. But the demand for a quid pro quo didn’t come from President Trump. It came from Joe Biden. Joe is on tape bragging that he gave the President of the Ukraine six hours to fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma and his son Hunter, or else he would withhold one billion dollars in US aid. Joe then brags, “Son of a B, they did fire him within 6 hours.” It’s all on tape and you can view this video yourself on YouTube.

The Biden abuse of power goes far beyond this one Ukrainian incident, as reported in great detail in Peter Schweizer’s book Profiles in Corruption. The whole Biden family — his sister Valerie, his son Hunter, his brothers James and Frank — are all involved in the Biden family business, leveraging Joe Biden’s political connections into hard cash for themselves. 

Peter Schweizer explains how the “family business” works. First they pick a country where oversight is slight and corruption is common. Western countries that are strong and transparent, like Japan, Germany or England are avoided.

Next, they let the right people in those countries, those that award contracts, for instance, know that they have a direct connection to Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States, Like, “He’s my dad,” or “He’s my brother.”

Next comes foreign aid from the United States to do something that requires a contractor to bid on the project. Guess who gets the contract? Yup, it’s someone in Biden’s family. As just one example that is easy to follow: in 2015 the Obama/Biden administration provided $47.5 million of taxpayer money to build a 20-megawatt solar facility in Clarendon, Jamaica. On the face of it such a facility would be of little or no benefit to U.S. taxpayers, but it was very beneficial to Frank Biden, Joe’s brother, who “won” the contract to build the facility.

Variations on this Biden family enrichment plan have been carried out in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Costa Rica, China, Russia, Iraq and the United States. James, Joe’s other brother, landed a massive $1.5 billion contract to build housing in Iraq, despite no history of construction experience. Hunter Biden arrived in China with his dad on Air Force 2 and obtained a $3 billion investment from the Chinese government.

If you are interested in more details than I am providing here, I recommend Schweizer’s book, Profiles in Corruption. The impeachment of Donald Trump is yet another example of the left throwing up a “shiny object” to distract the public and the press from their own criminal behavior.

24. Donald Trump: A War Hero.

Four and a half years ago my wife, Sharon, was diagnosed with Bile Duct cancer. 85% of those who get this disease die within five years. There is no cure, and only those who have successful surgery survive. Sharon’s surgeon was aloof, non-communicative and arrogant. He was not a likable character and you wouldn’t think of inviting him to dinner, but he was an outstanding surgeon and he saved Sharon’s life. To some people, this may remind them of Donald Trump.

I didn’t start out as a Trump fan, but I am now. I find him very funny at times, but I wouldn’t disagree if you said that he can be arrogant, self-centered, a bully and occasionally an obnoxious person. So you don’t like his personality or demeanor. So what? The real issue is how is he doing as President. By any objective measure he is doing very well.

Functioning systems don’t improve unless there is a disruption to the status quo. The establishment, whether in a scientific community or a political community, likes things just the way they are because every person has a stake in the status quo. Disruptors like Trump are not welcome by the establishment, who will try to extinguish a disruptor it perceives as a threat. We are seeing that right now with Donald Trump.

What do Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Donald Trump all have in common? They are all wartime presidents who fought to save the Republic. Trump has been at war with the media, the Democrats, the eastern and university elites, and Hollywood from the day he took his oath of office. It’s fair to say that this group has not found one single good thing in Trump’s presidency and has worked hard to put the worst possible spin on virtually everything he has done or said — with the goal of undoing the 2016 election. The war on Trump is also a war on traditional American values and on the United States itself.

The Democratic war machine includes verbal attacks on his wife, his adult children and even Barron, his 13-year-old child. There are so many assaults on the president that the fact that the Obama administration actually used the FBI to spy on candidate and then President-Elect Trump gets lost in the conversation. Then, when Trump was actually in the White House, his political enemies in the Deep State leaked even confidential conversations with foreign leaders to sabotage his policies. To date there have been no punishments for these obvious crimes.

The war against Trump includes sending waves of illegal migrants in caravans from Central America and then blaming Trump for the chaos they cause at the border. It includes the greatest political hoax in modern times: the Mueller probe. Add to this the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearing circus and the impeachment inquiry, much of which was held in secret tribunals, as was common in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. 

The attack dogs in this war, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi  and Chuck Schumer, are enemies not only of the President but of the Republic. As president, Trump has done a brilliant job. But these three Trump haters have demonized almost everything Trump has said or done. A compliant press then reported their baseless accusations as if they were all true. Few people could have endured the personal attacks Trump and his family have suffered since taking office. He is truly an amazing individual whom I greatly admire. 

Like the other wartime presidents, Trump saved our Republic; he saved our Supreme Court from becoming a left-wing legislative body; he saved our Union from the close call with socialism and government control of everything. He saved us from Hillary Clinton and her band of university and eastern establishment elites; he saved us from the Hollywood wackos; from the national press corps and from the entrenched unelected government establishment which he calls “the swamp.”

In my mind, Donald Trump is a war hero. Thank you Mr. President.

25. Conclusions.

This essay has demonstrated the danger that we face as a nation from the Democratic agenda — a danger to the very fabric of what the United States stands for. We know from history that the Left’s socialist paradise always devolves into a socialist hell that hurts the very people that it says it wants to help.

The socialist agenda is destroying the Democratic party with an eye towards doing the same to our Republic. America’s response to this threat is Donald Trump, a gift provided by President Obama and the Democratic party. The political Left is guided by its emotions, not by history and a realistic view of what human beings are like. Progressives are censors of ideas that they don’t like under the banner of politically correctness — a convenient club used to stifle any fact-based discussion of their ideologies. Democrats are attempting to “transform” America into an idealistic and unrealistic socialist paradise.

To get what they want, the Democrats will use the “Big Lie.” They will cheat in elections and abolish our borders in order to import illegals who will eventually vote for Democrats. The powerful Democrat elite will use emotional appeals to distract their kind-hearted, but clueless groupthink followers, in order to gain and keep the power they seek. Black Americans in America’s Democrat-run inner cities are kept poor and uneducated in order to secure their vote. We have seen that Democrats are experts at using the legal system and the courts to get what they can’t get legislatively.

The arguments in this essay are devastating to the progressive agenda because they use the three things progressives most fear: facts, logic and common sense.

My hope is that this essay will serve as a wakeup call to both Liberals and Conservatives who care about this country. They need to start standing up to the war against the freedoms that we cherish, and not be intimidated or silenced by shouts of racism and misogyny.  Don’t be diverted by the “shiny objects” thrown up by the Left and its media partners to divert your attention from the big-picture agenda of taking away your freedoms.

All societies tend to migrate to the socialist view that people should give up their personal freedoms in return for the illusory promise of of safety and “fairness.” Civil order in the West is under assault, not from Russia, China or from anybody outside, but like in the Roman Republic, from the inside, from the Democrats, progressives and socialists.

Self-criticism, the disinterested search for the truth, separation of church and state, the rule of law and equality under the law, freedom of thought and expression, human rights and liberal democracy, are superior to any other notions devised by humankind. This is “Western Culture” and this is what is under assault from progressive Democrats. If these are your values too, please pass this essay on to others that you care about.

Bruce Hendry is a retired businessman who began from humble origins to become a highly successful investor and captain of industry. He embodies the American dream, having earned his way to becoming the president and chairman of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad and Kaiser Steel. He is one of the leaders of the economic revolution that has made America the envy of the world, and also the target of resentful and spiteful leftists who want to destroy it.

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