As Long As a Political Party Believes It Owns African-Americans, Blacks Will Not Be Free

Joe Biden launches his presidential run in Philadelphia on May 18, 2019 (Matt Smith Photographer/

Only a White Slavemaster would dare tell a Black man to his face “You ain’t Black” and expect him to behave accordingly.

Source: American Spectator, by , May 26, 2020

Notwithstanding the need to call out Louis Farrakhan, despise Al Sharpton even more, and contemn Tamika Mallory of “The Women’s March” as the disciple of both, we can only support all Americans of all races, creeds, religions, and ethnicities as we all endeavor to achieve our respectively huge slice of the great American pie. In capitalism and with free markets unhindered by paternalistic government, the pie is big enough for everyone. As we grow, the pie grows unless an Ocasio-Hyphen chooses to kill 25,000 jobs for her district. It is not bleeding-heart liberalism, but deep blue conservatism to believe that all people are created equal, in the image of G-d, with the capacity to be fabulously good or Satanically evil. When a society treats its parts fairly and justly, those parts inevitably repay that investment many times over. But when a civilization targets any group for hate, all eventually pay a price. If the worst blight of our modern era is the Obama Wasted Decade, do not doubt for one moment that Obama was our country’s self-induced punishment for past wrongs, both real and those imagined.

Had America not played host to slavery hundreds of years earlier, we would not have been blighted with Obama. No way that a majority of Americans would have elected such a Zero, with no record of achievement, no single accomplishment to point to, a phony who would put on a “Black accent” when speaking to Black audiences even though he grew up in Hawaii, reared by a White grandmother and sometimes by a White mother, while his Kenyan father abandoned him. Where did that occasional accent come from? Do Kenyans like the father he never really knew speak that way? Did he learn to “talk Black” — but only in front of carefully selected audiences — from his years on the mainland at Occidental College? At Columbia? (Uh, how did he get in?) At Harvard Law? (Uh, how did he get in?) I went to Columbia for four years, and I still sound like “Bernie and Sid in the Morning,” the WABC 770 AM radio show where I appeared last week and finally got ta tawk wit people who know how ta speak English da right way. So where did that phony learn to code switch, based on audience?

Obama was America’s punishment. We all pay a price, sooner or later, for baseless hate.

Look at all that absolutely irrational anger out there today in certain parts of our society. It makes no sense. Racism basically does not exist in America. Yes, there is an outlier incident here and there, as we Jews sadly can attest also, and it is despicable and must be condemned and punished swiftly and fiercely. But America is a beautiful country comprised of wonderful people. The media go to great lengths to find some kind of unique Islamophobia, but actual police data and FBI data prove that it remains overblown, with Jews still almost three times more likely than Muslims to be picked on. The media go to enormous lengths now to find anti-Chinese hate in the era of coronavirus, but it is baloney. You are reading this right now. Do you hate your ethnically Chinese neighbor, a third-generation or fourth-generation American, because of the disgusting wet markets and godless Chinese communists of Asia who eat bats, cats, and rats? Do you blame your ethnically Chinese doctor, coworker, teacher — or, for that matter, spouse or in-law? This country is not a country of hate. Of course there are outliers among 300 million people. Of course there are morons in high schools and drunks at certain college fraternities. Yet honesty dictates recognizing that Americans as a nation, despite the lies of CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, are incredibly good people.

We are the most color-blind society on the planet. When was the last time the United Kingdom elected a Black prime minister? Or how about a Black president or prime minister in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Greece, Germany, Belgium, or anywhere else in the oh-so-politically correct dissolving European Union? Has China ever had a non-Chinese ethnic head their godless country of bat-cat-rat-eaters? How about the vaunted Russians? Was Stalin Black? Khrushchev? Brezhnev? Andropov? Gorbachev? Putin? Any Blacks in the wings? Or how about cabinet ministers, United Nations ambassadors?

America is unique. Everyone gets a chance in America. That is why it is so despicable here in the United States that Democrats foment social unrest, for political advantage, by “playing the race card” and actively dividing us as a society by color. We are just fine, and they endlessly aim to divide us, to breed racial resentment. There is no question — the Democrats cannot win an election without a 90 percent Black vote. So they turn every screw they can to maintain that hegemony, and it is not only disgusting but a shame for Black America. Because, as long as Democrats believe in their innermost hearts the political secret that their idiot candidate blurted out — the belief that “If you don’t vote Democrat, then you ain’t Black!” — African Americans will remain lowest on the ladder, last on the line of priorities, and as close to enslaved as free people still can be.

The strength of any political interest group in this country is to keep both parties guessing, both vying for your vote. When you signal to one side that they own you — or let them believe that they have you enslaved to them — you lose your leverage. That is the reason that Blacks do worst in this country’s all-Democrat enclaves. The people of Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, and St. Louis all have elected one Democrat after another to lead them. St. Louis has not had a Republican mayor since 1949. Detroit since 1962. Chicago since 1931. Baltimore since 1967. Where Democrats have owned the municipality’s electoral control and have governed unchallenged for decades, Blacks have the worst poverty, face the highest crime, receive the poorest education, emerge with the fewest prospects. That is because such elected Democrats are satisfied that they have the African-American vote in their pockets anyway, so they focus instead on meeting the demands and wants of other conflicting constituencies that seem to be in play.

That is the Black community’s tragedy — and it is the tragedy of non-Blacks. Do not doubt that every single American, regardless of race, is born with the potential to separate conjoined twins, to cure cancer, to discover the vaccine to COVID-19. And when our society condemns a significant percentage of that 12 percent of our national population to a less hopeful future, we condemn ourselves. Would we rather be spending tax dollars on prisons or be receiving income tax and sales tax dollars from productive participants in the American Dream? Does Ben Carson’s success in medicine, Herman Cain’s success in business, Allen West’s success in the military, or Tim Scott’s success in politics threaten our greater society — or enhance itIs that even a question that needs an answer?

As long as Democrats define Blacks as their property — believing essentially that “You belong to us, or you ain’t Black” — they will see the Black community in the same way that carpetbaggers saw the recently freed slaves a century and a half ago, as a hoodwinked population ripe for the pickings and who can be trained — and addicted — to rely on the Democrats for Big Government “largesse.” That “largesse” comes in the form of handouts: food stamps, welfare, the whole “Great Society” litany. Yet, more than half a century since the Democrats’ “Great Society” was unfurled, the situation has remained appalling in precisely the communities that it supposedly was targeted to help. Look at history’s lessons: Payments to families based on their size induced many households to have more children than they were prepared to rear or support. Reductions of government payments for two-income households induced men to abandon their homes, wives, children. Boys thus grew up without fathers as male role models for waking up every morning, going to work all day, and staying up late at night paying bills. Later, abortion on demand disproportionately reduced the Black population even in homes that could have afforded, loved, and reared one more child successfully. Liberalizing of education standards, giving everyone a trophy, assuring that everyone passes, severely reduced academic achievement in ways that offset the historic role of public education as the great equalizer for children in the economic underclass to access the American Dream.

That changed. But here is the thing about charity and handouts: No one ever is going to hand out as charity so much that it makes the recipient richer than the donor. As long as I rely on you for charity, I never can get as rich as or richer than you. If I want for my children to have all that yours have and more, the only way we ever will get there is by finding and paving our own road, not by relying on your crumbs, even if well meant. And if your crumbs are being sent our way because of cynical politically manipulative reasons, all the worse. Look at the Jackson–Sharpton–Charlatan race hucksters whose entire reason for being is to feed at the Democrats’ trough. Notice how all the race hucksters get personally rich that way. Jesse Jackson has a net worth of $10 million. No typo that. Even Obama: he and Michelle played the race card beautifully, walked away with millions upon millions, bought magnificent properties in the best White playgrounds of the rich and famous … and left African Americans no better off than they were before.

I am an Orthodox Jew, a descendant of immigrants exiled from the Holy Land by the Roman Empire and who eventually, centuries later, made their way to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty by way of Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. It is not my place to tell African Americans what is best for them, and it certainly is not my place to tell them whether they are or are not Black. I can only observe that no one owns me, except for my G-d. Not Democrats and not Republicans. And if someone were to tell me that, if I do not vote for his party then I “ain’t a Jew,” you can bet your family farm that, at least for the subsequent election, I would bullet vote for the other side just to make the point as clear as can be: No political party and no person owns me except for my G-d.

I wish and pray for Black voters that they someday come to the same conclusion. Because until they do, until they realize that absolutely no person and no party ever should be allowed to reach the conclusion that they have Blacks in their pockets and have the power to tell them how they are expected to behave, Black Americans will not be free.