‘Attack & Dethrone God’ Is Goal of Protests, Says Former FBI Agent Terry Turchie

Terry Turchie pictured during an appearance on Fox News in January 2018.

Source: Heavy, June 6, 2020

“Attack and dethrone God,” that’s the goal of the protesters in the United States in June 2020, according to former FBI agent and author Terry Turchie. Turchie made the claim during an appearance on Laura Ingraham’s The Ingraham Angle on Fox News on June 5. Turchie was speaking about the protests across the country following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department, as well as the deaths of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

Turchie compared the protesters to the Weather Underground Organization, an anarchist group that was active in the late 1960s and 1970s. The group, who took their name from the title of a Bob Dylan song, advocated for an end to the Vietnam War and was closely aligned with the black power movement. The FBI designated the WUO as a terrorist organization. The group created a manifesto known as the “Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism” in 1974. The manifesto said that one of the group’s objectives was to “attack and dethrone God.”

You can read the group’s manifesto here. According to that version, there is no mention of the phrase, “Attack and dethrone God.” There are two mentions of Christianity in the pamphlet. The first reads:

Religion was the main ideological control of feudal society and early capitalism. Chattel slavery was defended as the means of saving the souls of “ignorant heathens” from eternal hell-fire by giving them the “blessing” of Christianity.

The other mention of Christianity makes references to the conversions of African-Americans to Christianity prior to U.S. independence.

Turchie Also Said That: ‘Police Racism Is a Phony Issue’

During his appearance on Ingraham’s show, Turchie alleged that “police racism then and police racism now is a phony issue.” Turchie said that the issue was being used by “communist societies” to “literally tear apart Americans and to be divisive.” In response to Turchie, Ingraham said that the Democratic party was “embracing all these radical ideas and making people literally bow down to them or else you’re going to lose your job.”

Christian theology details that it was the goal of Satan, the fallen angel, to “dethrone God and obstruct his plan for history,” according to Liberty University’s Thomas D. Ice.

Turchie served in the FBI from July 1972 until May 2001, according to his LinkedIn page. In his final year with the bureau, Turchie served as the first deputy assistant director of the counterterrorism division in Washington D.C. During his time with the FBI, Turchie was stationed in Portland, New York and San Francisco. Turchie was the assistant special agent in the charge of apprehending the Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski. Turchie is a graduate of California State University- Sacramento and Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

The Weather Underground Movement Was Essentially Wiped Out by the 1980s

The FBI’s website’s section on the Weather Underground describes the group as being “essentially history” by the mid-’80s. A 2016 Time Magazine essay on the Weather Underground movement said that the “Prairie Fire” document created an “ideological struggle” within the group. Eventually, the power struggle was won by the group’s more radical wing.