Other Voices – Jewish Federation doesn’t speak for all Jews


Source: The News Guardian, By Alan Kornman, June 7, 2020

The June 3, 2020, statement from the  Jewish Federation (JFGO) and Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) regarding the murder of George Floyd does not speak for me.

There is no question George Floyd was the victim of gross police brutality by four Minneapolis police officers. The murder of Mr. Floyd was a travesty, and justice was served on the four police officers, according to the Rule of Law.

All four officers were immediately taken off the street while an internal investigation commenced. Less than 72 hours later, the investigation determined all four officers violated numerous training guidelines that resulted in the death of George Floyd.

State Attorney General Ellison charged one of the officers with second-degree murder. Aiding and abetting murder charges are pending for the other three. Officer Chauvin is scheduled to appear in court for a hearing at 1:30 p.m. CT on June 8. The three other former officers, J. Alexander Keung, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao, are set to appear in court at 1:45 p.m. ET. on Thursday, CNN reported. 

Justice has and will be served. The system worked following the rule of law as our judicial system was designed.  

There have been no voices rising in defense of the four police officers, as it should be in this case. 

The JFGO/JCRC statement said, “We call on people of all races, ethnic backgrounds, and faiths to speak up now against the systemic racism that is a longstanding disgrace –  one for which we all share responsibility.” 

We all don’t share responsibility, and how dare the JFGO/JCRC drag everyone into their mythical racial guilt trip. I suspect nobody reading this had anything to do with George Floyd’s multiple arrests for drugs and violence. I suspect everyone reading this doesn’t bear any responsibility for George Floyd in 2014 getting arrested for a home invasion where he was charged with holding a gun to the pregnant homeowner’s stomach as his accomplices ransacked the home looking for drugs and money. 

George Floyd’s autopsy showed he was high on fentanyl and methamphetamines when he was passing a counterfeit $20 bill buying cigarettes. George Floyd had many chances to turn his life around, but he chose not to.  

George Floyd is not the saint or martyr the media, and JFGO/JCRC statement are making him out to be. Taking personal responsibility for our mistakes in life is, at times, challenging and something most all of us struggle with. That is the point of Yom Kippur and atoning for our sins. Taking personal responsibility for our actions is the positive message that does change society for the better. There are several videos of protestors protecting businesses from rioters, but they were overwhelmed by the violence and ineffective. 

The JFGO and JCRC pawning personal responsibility off on the canard of collective guilt and racism is a disservice to all those who have succeeded and failed due to hurdles put in our way, often not of our making.  

When the Eastern European Jews came off the boat at Ellis Island back in the 1800s, discrimination was rampant. My Jewish ancestors were discriminated against right off the boat along with the Italians, Irish, and a host of other minorities. I’m sorry to tell you this, but there is black racism, too, even though nobody will dare mention it. There are black separatist movements, just like the white separatist movements. All races carry some baggage in that type of discrimination. All racial separatist movements should be summarily condemned.

I am particularly offended by this quote in the JFGO/JCRC statement:

“In the days since George Floyd’s death, we have seen tens of thousands of Americans peacefully take to the streets to demand justice. We stand with our fellow Americans, and we will not be distracted by those who would take advantage of this righteous cause to further sow the seeds of discord.  Our collective future depends on this focused effort.”

I am offended by the JFGO/JCRC statement that the last nine days of protests were described as “peaceful.” The riots in cities across the country have resulted in more than 17 murders, the burning and destruction of countless businesses, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, lives destroyed, and pushing race relations back 50 years.

It is the Synagogues and Churches that were looted and burned by the JFGO/JCRC’s “peaceful protestors” that is ignored and most problematic. Anyone who is burning down a house of worship while protesting to honor George Floyd was doing neither. The Synagogues were vandalized and tagged with anti-Semitic Jewish hatred of the worst kind. The anti-Semites in Antifa and Black Lives Matter were culpable, and the JFGO/JCRC refused to address this reality in their statement. Was this an opportunity lost or social cowardice by the JFGO Board of Directors? Were the dissenting voices in the JFGO/JCRC silenced?

Martin Luther King taught America about the effectiveness of peaceful protests despite all the violence heaped on them as they marched through Selma, Birmingham, Washington, D.C., and Memphis. Yet MLK had the strength of character to turn the other cheek and ultimately won the hearts and minds of a country ready for a societal shift towards inclusion and not segregation. I love MLK and everything he represented because of the content of his character.

The riots we have seen over the last nine days are criminal activity causing the unraveling of our civil society. Many of our politicians and law enforcement agencies are allowing the riots to go on without meaningful pushback, and a hefty price is being paid.

America will recover because our Republic is secure and free.

We need the JFGO/JCRC and our politicians to start preaching that every individual citizen is personally responsible for his actions, and everyone will be held accountable by the rule of law, equally.  

The Rule Of Law knows no color. The police don’t make the laws; they enforce the laws our politicians legislate. So the next time you see a policeman tell him hello and thank him for keeping us safe. If you get stopped by a police officer, obey all his commands silently and to the letter. Only speak when spoken to by saying yes sir or no sir. When the officer feels safe and in control of the situation, he or she will ask for your side of the story. If you think you are mistreated, file a complaint with the internal affairs department, and they will open a case on your behalf.

Law enforcement is the thin blue line between civil society and anarchy. I support Law Enforcement because I love our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law. This is a winning message.

The four Minneapolis police officers responsible for the death of Mr. Floyd will know justice and have no peace for the rest of their lives.  

Alan Kornman is regional coordinator and videographer for The United West, a non-profit that promotes Western Civilization in its defense against Shariah Islam.