Action Items Discussed with Leo Hohmann & Shahram Hadian News Briefing – 6.29.2020


Updated 7/2/2020

June 29, 2020 Sharia Crime Stoppers presented our Monday night News Briefing with 2 exceptional hosts:  Author & Journalist, Leo Hohmann and former Muslim, now Christian Pastor, former Police Officer, and Candidate for Governor in the state of Washington, Shahram Hadian.  

They presented the “GREAT RESET”, how major organizations (Microsoft, BP, Apple, etc), Countries (China, UK, Canada, and America, etc.) along with the United Nations is strategizing HOW and WHEN to implement the “GREAT RESET”.

You ask… What is it?  Well, watch and share our webinar… well worth your time to understand how this is related to COVID mandates, Viruses & Vaccinations, U.S. Commerce (Large & Small Businesses), Healthcare, Banking, Religion, and so much more!

Now you ask… What can YOU do to protect yourself, your family, your community?   We provide REAL solutions for you to ACT on and BE PROACTIVE in YOUR community. 


Here is our list of ACTION ITEMS discussed in this webinar:

  • Get RIGHT with God & Prepare:
    • Pray for America and President Donald Trump.
    • Find “like minded” people (form a group) in your area that you can reach out to and know they would pledge their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor”.
    • Put CASH in reserve, stored at home locations
    • Get FOOD stored – Start a Garden, Farming on any parcel of land
    • Get ARMED & Trained to Use it
    • Determine Constitutional Lawful Patriots that will STAND with you.
    • Determine Constitutional Attorneys and compile a list of ones that would stand on Constitutional Rule of Law (Thomas More Law Center – , American Freedom Law Center –, and others)
    • VOTE… MUST, You are given a voice, you MUST use it.
  • Public Schools – Your Children are in danger!
    • Do EVERYTHING you can to Home School your children.
    • Contact Home Schooling people in your community to assist with where to start.
    • Contact your Pastors/Rabbi’s to determine resources for Home Schooling
    • Possible Resources:
  • COVID/Healthcare Vaccinations:
    • Refuse/Resist getting any vaccinations that are “approved” by the UN, Microsoft, and are participating in promoting it. (Mark of the Beast?)
    • Refuse/Resist Contact Tracing – Your Cell Phone app (at this time) will allow you to turn it off… be sure to walk through steps to do that.
    • Refuse/Resist : LEARN about ID2020 – Understand how the ultimate goal is to “digitize” EVERYONE… and what that means in terms of tracking you, knowing and controlling all you do. And look at who the culprits are promoting it. CONTROL is the goal.  Read here:
  • Mask Demands:
    • Refuse/Resist wearing the Mask when it is MANDATED by Government, Businesses, Friends/Family – Make it a PERSONAL DECISION BASED ON YOUR SITUATION. (
      • Proven Fact: Masks MUST be a specific type/design to protect from viruses… NOT Homemade, NOT General distribution sourcing, NOT needed in general daily activities.
      • Proven Fact: Wearing masks makes people touch their face more… the virus is often caught due to hands touching the face.
      • Proven Fact: Can cause major health risks as it causes breathing your own carbon dioxide back in which you just exhaled.  People with Asthma, Bronchial problems, or other upper respiratory issues… it can cause added health risks.
      • Mayo Clinic Facts that many who wear a mask NEVER know or follow: