Establishment Republicans Work to Reign in President Trump


Source: Understanding the Threat

Media reports and UTT’s own sources in the Trump administration reveal Establishment Republicans are working diligently to keep President Trump from relying on his instincts and instead listen to the counsel of the very people Americans elected him to toss out on the street.

In a worst-case-scenario, Establishment Republicans have pushed Karl Rove back into the White House to “help” President Trump get re-elected.

This is the same Karl Rove who thought it was wise to bring terrorists Sami al-Arian (Palestinian Islamic Jihad), Nihad Awad (Hamas), and Abdurahman Alalmoudi (Al Qaeda) into the George W. Bush camp to “help him get the muslim vote.”

Then there is Jared Kushner, the “Senior Advisor to the President” who has no experience in national security matters, is a politically left-wing ideologue, and whose weakness in a time of war is dangerous for our nation since he has the ear of the President and controls more of the White House operations than anyone else.

At a time when China is waging war against the United States, America has a majority leader in the U.S. Senate who is – at a minimum – the husband of Chinese agent, if not one himself. Mitch McConnell is currently pushing millions of dollars towards establishment republican candidates for U.S. Senate against true Patriots who understand the communist and jihadi threats facing America today.

Case in point: Kris Kobach served as the Secretary of State for Kansas from 2011-2019. He is now running for U.S. Senate. A Mitch McConnell PAC is spending millions to keep Kobach out of the senate. Why? Because Kobach is not an establishment republican. Kobach speaks truth about national security issues, voter fraud, and the real actions needed to clean up the swamp that is the U.S. Senate – something Mitch McConnell has no interest in doing.

Which leads us back to President Trump. Mr. Trump was elected to dry up the swamp in Washington, D.C. and Americans want to hear his straight talk and powerful ideas. Americans do not want a filtered version of Donald Trump.

But the Establishment want to “reign him in.” So they brought in Karl Rove.

Understanding the Threat encourages President Trump to continue listening to his instincts and working diligently to bring down the Establishment Republicans, the most dangerous threat to our Republic because their inaction and their actions which directly support our enemies are a large part of how the communists (Antifa, Black Lives Matter, democrats) and jihadis have advanced so far in this war.