The Mission of Islam


“This is the story of The Mission of Islam. It is not sugar-coated or politically correct. Enjoying our  freedoms as American citizens, we are exercising our cherished First Amendment Rights to be able to tell you the truth about an enemy opposed to all that we hold dear, an enemy that is determined to  force the entire world to submit to their dominion. Yes, this enemy is all about submission, which is the literal translation of the word ‘Islam’.”

Please watch this 38-minute video, written by Tamana and narrated by Ron Edwards:

Please share the video and encourage interested viewers to expand their knowledge by taking the self-study course contained in these four PDFs: 

The Mission of Islam Part 1

The Mission of Islam Part 2

The Mission of Islam Part 3

The Mission of Islam Addendum

Sharia Crime Stoppers is proud to publish this scholarly work at this critical time as America braces for the Red-Green-Globalist Revolution underway.

We commend Tamana for her professional research and artistic presentation.

We dedicate our publication to two American patriots:

Philip Haney [RIP] – Our teacher and friend

Jerry Kaufmann [RIP]– Israel Commentary blogger