Source: How Should I Vote, By Kevin Briggs, October 8, 2020

Excerpt from the eBook:

Voting is a gift

Voting is a gift and an important responsibility from God. Jesus said that all authority to rule is given by God, and hence we, who have the right to self-government through voting, have been granted a measure of this authority (see John 19:11 1). We have been given this authority to protect life (Proverbs 24:11 2) and to do good and seek justice, especially for the disadvantaged in society (Isaiah 1:17 3 and Matthew 25:40, 45 4). At the end of our lives, when we stand before the great judgment throne, God says that each of us will give Him an account for how we have loved others, such as the poor, hungry, imprisoned, and sick (Romans 14:12 5, Matthew 25:14-46 6).