Radio: Secure Freedom Radio – Frank Gaffney with Rich Higgins


Source:  Secure Freedom Radio Podbean, October 20, 2020

RICH HIGGINS, CEO of Higgins Technology Group, LLC, VP for Intelligence and National Security of RED, Inc., Former Director of Strategic Planning for the NSC, Author of The Memo: 20 YEARS INSIDE THE DEEP STATE FIGHTING FOR AMERICA FIRST:


  • A concerted campaign targeting President Trump early on in his presidency
  • Various personnel elements within the early Trump administration


  • A memo Rich wrote regarding members of the White House who were opposed to President Trump
  • H. R. McMaster’s role in distributing Rich’s memo


  • Analyzing the MAGA doctrine of the Trump administration
  • The importance of the One Belt One Road project
  • A convergence of multiple threat streams to American democracy


  •  What is a “color revolution?”
  • Is this revolution taking place in the United States?
  • What to expect after the presidential election in November