Radio: United Patriots Uprising on Patriot Nation Radio


Source: Blogtalkradio, Gary Binford, October 26, 2020

United Patriots Uprising with Gary Binford airs every other Monday night on the Patriot Nation Radio Network for two hours of guest-driven, conservative-based political talk. It’s all about the message, looking to enlighten, edify and equip so each of us will be able to engage, expose and defeat the radical left’s Marxist agenda in the arena of ideas.

“WAKE UP, AMERICA! WE CAN’T AFFORD TO SLEEP ON THE ENEMIES WITHIN!!!” is the topic as we’ll expose radical Islam, Socialism and Communism, illegal immigration and Marxism inside the evangelical church as imminent dangers to the freedom and liberty of our nation.

The stellar guests are former FBI agent JOHN GUANDOLO, founder of the anti-terrorist training organization “Understanding the Threat”; international human rights attorney VIRGINIA PRODAN, author of the book, “Saving My Assassin”; “Agenda” documentary series filmmaker CURTIS BOWERS, host of the podcast, “Faith, Family & Freedom with Curtis Bowers”; and former CIA agent CLARE LOPEZ, the noted authority on national security.

Hope you’ll listen in; let’s rock the airwaves! We want to know your opinion on this topic so dial us up at (347) 637-3942 and let your voices be heard.