THREAT: ‘Shut Down DC’ Releases Target Maps to ‘Confront’ Trump’s Campaign Officials and Supporters At Home


Source: RAIR Foundation USA, By Renee Nal, October 30, 2020

The militant left-wing group Shut Down DC claims that they will “hit the streets” to “confront” those who they perceive to be supporters of President Trump. The Democrat-tied group plans to target “homes of Trump campaign officials” and Trump’s “donors and supporters.” Shut Down DC and their allies will also attack “media organizations that call the election before the vote count is finished.”

It is clear that Shut Down DC will not allow the election to be “won” until the victor is Joe Biden.

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, ‘Shut Down DC’ has been actively organizing through social media, their website, and direct email campaigns. They have also been pushing the D.C. city council to ban police use of tear gas before the election, a move that has been successful in Philadelphia.

On Wednesday, the radical group held a planning meeting with rogue federal government employees to force President Trump out of office in the guise of “defending democracy in this election.” As author and commentator Michelle Malkin observes: “The ‘deep state’ Trump-haters are openly gearing up to do everything they can from inside the federal government to assist the resistance.”

On Thursday, Shut Down DC sent maps of specific target locations to their followers titled the “November 4-7 Action Planning Map“. Shut Down DC explains in their email that the following “plans for actions” will be finalized this week for: November 4 (Shut Down the Attack on the Election), November 5 (Shut Down the White House), and November 6 (Shut Down DC). 

From the Map:

November 4 (Shut Down the Attack on the Election):

The day after the election, we’re going to hit the streets to confront the institutions and organizations that have been leading attacks on democracy throughout the 2020 election cycle. We’ll march (as a big group or as a bunch of small marches) to

  • Homes of Trump campaign officials who have been plotting to systematically disenfranchise and intimidate millions of voters
  • The donors and supporters that have funded his attack on democracy
  • Media organizations that call the election before the vote count is finished
  • Other ideas you come up with you affinity group

After we visit the institutions and organizations leading the attack on democracy we’ll return to Black Lives Matter Plaza at 5pm for a Protect the Results rally.

November 5 (Shut Down the White House):

We’ll develop the time, tactics and scale of the action based on the status of the vote count and our ongoing organizing capacity. 

Some possibilities include:

  • Car or bike caravan circling the White House
  • Symbolic blockades at each entrance
  • Sit-ins at White House entrances
  • Dance parties at each entrance
  • Blockades of all entrances
  • Blockade several block perimeter surrounding the White House 

November 6 (Shut Down DC):

On November 6th we’ll deploy early in the morning to shut down business as usual in the nation’s capitol. Affinity groups will blockade different areas of the district and specific tactics will depend on the status of the vote count and our organizing capacity.

Some possibilities include:

From Shut Down DC Map

In order to reach their goal of having an empty suit in the White House who will do the bidding of the radical left, Shut Down DC is planning, among other things, to confront prominent Trump campaign workers and supporters at home, attack media outlets who dare to report election results they don’t like and shut down “government buildings”, “bridges and highways”.

Screenshot of Shut Down DC Map

Shut Down DC and their allies constitute a comparatively small number of the same Democrat-aligned agitators who targeted innocent citizens after the Republican National Convention. Will their planned blockades and confrontations of citizens at their homes be allowed? Does the GOP have a plan to counter these illegal actions?