2.4.2021 HEADLINE NEWS: Biden Administration Knee-Deep in the Muck Already


Source: Liberato US, February 4, 2021

I knew I would be back to the theme of potential corruption in the Biden administration; I just didn’t think it would be so soon.

Joe Biden’s brother Frank was a member director of a consulting firm involved in federal lobbying on behalf of an oil company in the final year of the Obama administration, when Joe Biden was Vice-President.  Why do you suppose that particular firm was brought into the lobbying effort?  Couldn’t be because a Biden was associated with it, could it?

On inauguration day, a law firm Frank Biden advises released an ad touting his relationship with the President.  Oh boy, here we go.

Is your son in trouble? No problem.  Just appoint the right prosecutor.  The new acting head of the Biden Justice Department Criminal Division is a former associate of Hunter Biden’s attorney.  Let’s hope the new appointee recuses himself from Hunter Biden-related matters.  Otherwise, there will be the appearance of impropriety, the legal standard for recusal.

The new Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas gave green-cards to wealthy Chinese nationals who had ties to Democrat Party donors, according to an Obama Inspector General report.

A Biden Labor Department appointee tried to block an audit of an unemployment program she ran in Washington state, but it didn’t work and all the facts of a massive fraud scheme came out.

There’s more.  A Biden national security adviser used Hillary Clinton’s private email server.  An undersecretary of state has ties to fake dossier writer Christopher Steele.  Susan Rice falsely claimed the Benghazi terror attack was caused by an anti-Muslim video.  An SEC official is married to disgraced former FBI attorney Peter Strzok, an architect of the phony Trump/Russia collusion probe targeting President Trump.

Some crew Biden’s got there.  So pardon me when I’m a little skeptical of the White House press secretary’s recent pronouncement this will be “the most ethically vigorous administration in history.” Where have we heard that one before?  Oh, from the scandal-ridden Obama/Biden administration.   It all makes perfect sense.

Political theorist Algernon Sidney wrote, “when all honours, advantages and preferments are given to vice, and despised virtue finds no other reward than hatred, persecution, and death, there are few who will follow it.”  Think this is true?  We’re going to find out.  The swamp just got swampier.