2.9.2021 Headline News – Biden’s Bad Moves


Source: Liberato.us, February 9, 2021


The Democrats put on their ‘really big shew’ today, as ’60s TV variety host Ed Sullivan would say – political theater the likes of which the country has never seen before: the unprecedented and unconstitutional impeachment show trial of a former President.  I don’t have too much to say about it, because the insane policies Joe Biden is implementing on a daily basis are much more important, but I will say there is nothing in the Constitution providing for the impeachment of a former president.   The Democrats are channeling their Democrat hero, Woodrow Wilson, who subscribed to the dangerous notion anything is permitted as long as the Constitution does not specifically prohibit it.  Present-day Democrats obviously think a purely partisan exercise to try former federal officials on the flimsiest of evidence is perfectly fine because the Constitution doesn’t say you can’t do it.  Careful what you wish for, Democrats.  You are loosing the dogs of retribution and what goes around, comes around.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Joe Biden is finally getting some well-deserved criticism for killing jobs.  His press secretary was confronted with the fact Biden has already killed oil industry jobs and his promised ‘green jobs’ are nowhere in sight.  She had no answer.  Imagine that – an administration so blinded by their ideology they think nothing of upending real people’s lives and making no provision for their well-being, like they were playthings who merely exist for their sport, just as Chairman Mao said.  Welcome to one-party rule.

The oil industry is just the start.  The Congressional Budget Office just put out a report saying Biden’s push to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour will kill another 1.4 million jobs.   More job losses are coming from rejoining the Paris climate accord and restricting freelance and part-time work.

Separately, economists warned Joe Biden’s policies to cut oil production and spend trillions in stimulus plans could produce double-digit inflation not seen since Jimmy Carter was in the White House.  OAN

Biden also plans to raise taxes – reverse Trump’s tax cuts, impose new carbon and Obamacare taxes, and raise the capital gains tax, among other things.  You can look forward to weak economic performance, higher unemployment, and lower household income as a result, just as in the Obama/Biden years.

You can also look forward to increased, strangling regulation as the Biden administration moves to allow theoretical ‘benefits’ in justifying new rules.  I’ve seen phony science invoked too many times [e.g., Bernard Goldberg’s account of the heterosexual AIDS hoax], and too many hired-gun economic ‘studies’ used to justify new government mandates to believe this is going to end well [e.g., Medicaid expansion will create jobs through the Keynesian multiplier effect when, in fact, job creation was worse in expansion states].   Ending true cost-benefit analysis hands a blank check to regulatory agencies and America will be worse off for it.

Democrats obviously don’t care if they turn the country into a garbage dumb, as long as they get to run it.  But, hey, nothing in the Constitution specifically prohibits turning the country into a trash heap with one party in charge forever, so I guess it’s OK, rght?