2.16.2021 Headline News – Why We Have the Second Amendment


Source: Liberato.us, February 16, 2021


Two days ago, Joe Biden called on Congress to enact stricter gun laws including more background checks, bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and new legal liability for gun manufacturers.  White House officials have indicated Biden is prepared to use executive orders if Congress does not act.

Now is a good time to review why we have the right to bear arms in this country.  It’s not for self-defense, which is the direction the Supreme Court has gone in upholding the Second Amendment.  We have gun rights so we citizens can defend ourselves against a tyrannical government.  If we ever had a Hitler, we could stop him.  The citizens are the last safeguard of liberty in the country.

There’s no denying governments can go bad.  The Nazis used gun control to disarm and repress their political enemies and the Jews, who were rendered defenseless.  Once they were defenseless, it was relatively easy to stick 6 million Jews into ovens.

Confiscating guns was how 25,000 Soviets were able to subdue 25 million Ukrainians.  After Ukrainians gave up their guns, 7-10 million of them ended up dead in the Holodomor, the deliberate Soviet-engineered famine of 1932.  Joseph Stalin wanted to industrialize Russia.  Stealing all the grain from the Ukrainians and selling it on the international market was how he financed it.  And it was all made possible because the citizens complied with gun control and gave up their guns.

In all, 130 million people in Europe and Asia were killed in their own countries in the last century, mostly by their own governments that had gone bad.

We also have examples from our own history.  British troops conducted warrantless searches and seized arms in Boston in 1774.  The following year, Bostonians were ordered to turn in their guns for supposedly ‘temporary’ safekeeping, but the guns were never returned.  In addition, King George banned the import of guns into the American colonies.  There has been tyranny on the North American continent and no one can say with certainty it will never happen again.

But there’s a more fundamental reason we have gun rights that goes straight to the heart of the American theory of governance:  We are born with all our rights including free speech and the right to bear arms.  Our rights either come from God or nature, depending on your personal beliefs.  But the point is our rights don’t come from government.  In fact, the true role of government is to protect our individual rights, not take them away.

No doubt the real reasons we have gun rights will come as news to some of you.  This is because the philosophical foundation of the country has been deliberately stripped away through the public schools and other means.  This has been done by the authoritarian Left which one day hopes to seize the state, institute one-party rule, take away your rights, and control every aspect of your life.  All the more reason to educate ourselves about our rights, guard them as if they were precious because they are, and not give them up willingly – and that includes the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

The authoritarian Left wants ALL my freedom, so I’m not willing to give them ANY of it.  They criticize people like me for not being willing to compromise.  I won’t compromise, because compromise always only goes one way – more power for them, fewer rights for me.  What’s wrong, they ask with universal background checks or a gun registry.  What’s wrong is they won’t stop there, just ask them.  They intend to salami slice your rights away until you have none left.  No thanks, Democrats, you can forget it.