DOCS: Liberal staffers investigated Jihad Watch writer before firing from arms-length Race Relations Foundation


Source: Rebel News, February 24, 2021

Internal emails show that the Department of Canadian Heritage started gathering “emergency” information on the public speeches and writings of a critic of political Islam in the months before she was removed from her position at the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF), an arms-length government agency that aims to combat racism.

Christine Douglass-Williams is a long-time contributor to the Jihad Watch blog, and was a board member at the CRRF from 2012 to 2017, when she was fired after being investigated for her views.

Email: Minister’s Office Emergency

On February 2, 2017, Mimi M. Whissell, a director with the Department of Canadian Heritage, sent an email with regards to Douglass-Williams. The following email was sent to staffers Marie-Eve Thérien, Isabelle Moses and Christine Harrington:

SUBJECT: Urgence du bureau de la ministre

Est-ce que vous pouvez m’appeler svp? Merci

Re : Christine Douglass-Williams

In translation:

SUBJECT: Minister’s office emergency

Can you call me please? Thank you

Whissell’s Follow Up Email: Search For Public Writings, Speeches

Half an hour later, Whissell sent a follow up email, including staffer Geneviève Guerrier in the chain:

Please also include in your search public writings and speeches. Thanks.

Douglass-Williams Investigated, Fired

In August 2017, the Canadian Press reported that Douglass-Williams’ views were under investigation, alleging a “hindrance to her work with the foundation and an affront to its legally defined mandate, which is to help eliminate racism and racial discrimination in Canada.”

In December 2017, Douglass-Williams was fired from her position as a board member at the CRRF.

According to a Toronto Star article:

[Douglass-Williams was fired] amid concerns over what Muslim advocacy groups describe as “Islamophobic commentary” and her “public association with purveyors of hateful propaganda.”

In an email to the Star, Douglass-Williams said she was removed from her position because she “dared to criticize political Islam.”

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