3.24.2021 Headline News – Mao’s Plan for World Domination is Alive and Kicking


Source: Liberato, By Christopher Wright, March 24, 2021

DAILY SKIRMISH REPORT:  While many in the United States are preoccupied with the seeming importance of Wokitude, so-called climate change, and other fairy tales of the Left, here’s what they’re thinking in communist China:

A top Chinese Communist Party strategist gave a speech in 2016, building on Mao Zedong’s plans for world domination announced in the 1950s.  China’s goal, the strategist said is to surpass the United Kingdom, catch up with the U.S., and “become the No. 1 boss.” “The task of our next generation is to put the U.S. under our jurisdiction … too,” the strategist said.

He laid out a number of devious means by which China intends to reach its goal. “First, create conditions for [the U.S.] to make mistakes…  Second, we keep [the U.S.] busy so that it will suffer from depression and want to quit the job itself.”  In other words, keep the U.S. fatigued and demoralized, so it will no longer want to be a superpower.  “Third, we should get ourselves mixed together with the U.S., so that it cannot fight us. We should create such a situation where you have me inside you, and I have you inside me.”  China and the U.S. are now each other’s largest trading partners, so the strategy seems to have worked.   Having our pharmaceuticals and medical devices made in China looks like part of the plan, too.

China’s deviousness doesn’t stop there.  China waited until the U.S. got militarily involved in Syria and distracted by the Ukraine to build islands in the South China Sea.  “We only built the islands then.  When the U.S. found that we had built such large islands …, we immediately said to it, Oh, my dear boss, we will stop it,’  … we are not building it anymore. The United States was very happy for a few months. They thought, after all, [the U.S. is] still the boss.”

The speech also laid out how China would get its hooks into U.S. politicians and go “deeper” into the U.S.  Chinese capital would flow into U.S. investment projects.  “We in the Chinese government hope that in the end, every U.S. Congressman’s district will have Chinese investment, and China will be able to control one thousand or several thousand votes, and then we can influence (the congressman’s) attitude.”  You can add to this the entanglements of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden in Chinese companies and largesse.

If all of the above is not enough to corrupt the ruling class and bring America down, the strategist has another way to do it:  “Of course we can also have other evil tricks, such as throwing the world into further chaos….  If there are three external enemies outside the United States, I reckon it will start to feel dizzy. If it has four enemies, it will completely get lost. So China’s strategic task is to ensure that there are four enemies [for the U.S.], terrorists are certainly one.”  This will keep the U.S. confused and inert, and enable China to dominate the world with all its wonderful values like forced sterilization of minorities and reeducation camps for anyone who thinks the wrong way or resists the Dragon.

This is how China plans to turn America into a wholly owned subsidiary of China and take control of the world without fighting a war with the U.S.

The Chinese Communist Party has a long history of making statements about how they intend to target the U.S. and achieve world domination, starting with Mao in 1956.  In 2005, a Chinese official said they had developed a plan to depopulate the United States and replace all current residents with Han Chinese.  So you see, there are other things to think about aside from how to pay proper respect to each of the 57 genders.  Time to get serious, people.